How to make your living room autumn-ready

Are you ready for pumpkin spice season? Are you already breaking out the ankle boots and thermal leggings? Are you planning coffee brunches and pumpkin patches?

That’s all great for when you’re out and about, but you wouldn’t want to come inside and find that the room is just as cold as the outside world. And we’re not talking about physically either. You can crank the heating up as far as it will go and a room can still feel cold.

So, how do you avoid that? We’ve got a guide to making sure your living room looks and feels as warm as you are.

Absorb the heat

The best indicator of autumn life is, of course, the drop in temperature. You can have all the pumpkin spice you like but the main goal of that latte is to keep you warm. So, too, should be the point of your autumn living room.

If you have a leather sofa, get used to the idea of sitting against an ice wall when you first sit down. You might want to invest in a throw, or even look into a squishy upholstered sofa for optimal warmth and comfort. You can find a sectional sofa for sale here, which would also physically bring the family closer together for a little bit of body heat trading.

Even better, get the fire going. Even if you’re not lucky enough to have a fireplace built into your home, you can buy some pretty convincing electric fireplaces. Some can even be wall mounted like a piece of art.

Mix textures

The best part about autumn is all the textures. The dry leaves, the crisp air, the natural materials that survive the cold. It all makes for a very textured world, which can be replicated in the home. You should be able to mix and match textures in the home anyway, as it’s the mark of a well-styled room, but there are some great materials that can help you feel comfortable and like autumn is inside.

Mix and match faux leather, wicker, rattan, twigs, wool, pinecones and more amongst your décor. You can hang lights from a branch and mount it on the wall, or over the dining table. Swap out the eucalyptus for evergreen leaves, add a woolen throw for something cozy. The possibilities are endless.

Use warm tones

While we’re looking at décor, we should remind you to load up on candles. Smell, light and warmth all in one. Not to mention the peace of mind they bring. But the best part is that they tend to warm up any color scheme. You could paint your house the coldest blue and candles would make it look like the sun was just rising against the wall.

But there are other ways to introduce warm tones to your home. Aim for reds, oranges, browns, etc. to bring a little warmth to your decorative pieces and let them lift your neutral walls. If you’re willing to go even further you can add some warm colors to your walls and watch yourself feel warmer in time too.

Photo by Alisa Anton