How to make money working from home

Not ready to return to the workplace, but still need to bring in an income? Here are six ideas to hep you make money working from home.

With the advancements in technology and the internet, you no longer need to leave the comforts of your home in order to make money. Instead, you can access career opportunities across the world from your sofa. But doing what?

If you’re stuck for ideas of ways you can earn money working from home, here are six suggestions you may want to consider.

1) Set up a blog or website and become an affiliate marketer

It’s hard not to escape the expression ‘affiliate marketing’ when looking for ideas for making money from home. Basically, it means that you subscribe as a member or affiliate of an established company, and you earn money when people buy a product or avail of a service using your affiliate link.

For example, you might have a blog featuring the latest gadget reviews. If you include links to gadgets available on Amazon, and your readers click on any of these links to purchase either a gadget or product, you earn a referral commission.

For you to succeeds an affiliate marketer, you need to produce well-written content to catch the readers’ attention and provide links to relevant and good-quality products on Amazon. You also have to apply effective SEO strategies to drive a large volume of traffic towards your website or blog.

The more visitors you have, the greater your chances of turning your readers into customers or buyers. Once you’ve properly set up your site and your affiliate links, you have a source of passive income at your fingertips.

What remains is monitoring the results. Strackr is one of the best tools for monitoring affiliate results. As well as allowing you to track how your affiliates perform, it enables you to understand how potential customers interact with your current marketing campaigns.

2) Teach English or a second language online

If you are highly-skilled in speaking English or another language, you may want to capitalise on this by teaching a language to foreign students over the Internet. There are many companies offering language courses online.

Of course, you’ll be competing with other language teachers for opportunities so stand out by creating language lessons that are engaging and are highly interactive for your students.

Know the age level and needs of your students, and plan appropriate activities for them. Make your visual presentations creative and catchy as well. You may explore the use of fun games or videos for your online language classes.

3) Earn extra income by exploring unique online jobs

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t find conventional jobs appealing, try out these strange ways to make money online. For example, you may want to sell your hair on HairSellOn, a website that purchases different types of human hair.

As another example, you may want to advertise your garage or driveway for renting out to commuters who can’t always find good parking spots at their place of work. To do this you can subscribe to CurbFlip or Spacer to rent out your driveway or garage as parking space.

4) Make money by doing the things that you enjoy

You can make working from home fun by finding ways to earn money for doing the things you enjoy. If you love listening to music or you’re quite artistic and into creating crafts, you may actually earn online from doing exactly the things that you love.

Take a look at Work from Home Genius for several ideas to monetise your hobbies and interests, so you can earn money from home without having to learn or acquire a new set of skills.

5) Bake or cook for your neighbours

If you’re a talented baker or cook, you can earn extra money by advertising your cakes or menu on social media and taking orders from neighbours and friends.

You’d be a hit with busy mums who can’t or don’t have time to make birthday cakes, or sometimes want to buy pre-prepared, healthy meals for their families. You don’t even have to leave your home to deliver your goods. You can arrange for pick-up at your home or coordinate pick-up points if you’re going out to run errands.

6) Take on freelance writing projects

If you’re skilled in writing, there are so many freelance jobs that you can apply for. You can get paid for writing articles for websites, coming up with content for ebooks, writing reviews for products or services, and many other writing gigs.

To get started, take a look at freelance websites such as Upwork or BloggingPro. If you have existing written work, upload or submit these to potential online employers so that they can see your sample writings and prioritise hiring you over other potential candidates. You can also read 10 practical tips to help you launch a career as a freelance writer here.

How will you make money from home?

Staying home doesn’t have to affect your income or capacity to earn. And while there are still traditional resources like attorneys or business consultants, we’re living in an age where there are so many affordable routes for things like registering your business or even free accounting software.

If you work on becoming tech-savvy, learn marketing and presentation skills, and explore the various opportunities available online for earning money, you can join the ranks of the many people who have already become successful working from home.

Photo by Tikkho Maciel