How to make money online

Need to make money from home, but don’t have any grand business plans? Here are some ideas for how you could make money online.

Over the past few years, the internet has become the go-to place for entertainment and interaction, thanks to the popularity of social media and streaming sites.

But the internet has also enabled businesses to grow and has presented new business opportunities that weren’t possible before. With the internet, there are now new and easy to access ways to make some extra cash while online. Here are just a few things you can do. 

Complete online surveys

Companies need information to help create better products and services, and one of the ways they gather this data is by hiring people to complete surveys for them.

There are now plenty of websites that offer paid surveys that can help you add a few bucks to your bank account by just taking a few minutes to fill out a form. The amount you can receive varies from survey to survey, but in most cases you can expect between $2-$5 a survey, which can start to add up if you dedicate a whole afternoon to filling them out.

They’re a great way to give your bank balance a boost and put your free time into something productive. Payment methods do vary, while some surveys give you actual cash, others reward you with gift card credits for your favorite stores.

Create a website 

Building an affiliate website can help you create a passive income, so you can even earn money while you sleep. Websites are much easier to create these days, thanks to a plethora of website building software that can help you build not only a beautiful looking website, but also one that’s optimized for SEO. 

Once a website is built, the best way to monetize it is to encourage people to start interacting with it and viewing it, by delivering value, and linking to social media to start building a following.

Once you’ve built an audience, you can start getting paid by advertisers to run adds on your site, which (if done properly) can help you build a sizeable enterprise.

Get cashback when shopping

If you’re a frequent online shopper then this handy money-making trick can help you save a lot of cash throughout a year.

There are a number of cashback websites and search engine extensions such as Honey, that can apply coupons to help you save money every time you spend on affiliate websites.

Others give you a balance and can deposit a little bit of cashback into that each time you buy online, helping you earn a nice bit of pocket money after a short period of time.

Become a freelancer 

There are many websites online where you can offer your skills and expertise in exchange for payment. Some of the most popular sites are Fiverr and Upwork.

On these sites you can bid on job postings and start working for various different clients as you build a reputation and brand. Profitable skills on these sites include writing, voice acting, graphic design, video editing and so much more, so if you’re proficient in these skills sign up and start earning as a freelancer.