How to make money in the sports industry

You don’t have to be an athlete to make money in the sports industry. Many non-athletes can leverage their sports knowledge to start lucrative businesses and income-generating activities.

You can also make money working as a sports administrator, management, marketing, journalism, and media jobs. Punters have also been cashing out fortunes from their sports bets, so opportunities exist everywhere. Here’s an overview of how to make money in the sports industry.

Bet on sports events and markets

You don’t need extraordinary knowledge to start betting on sports, which makes this option one of the easiest ways to make money. As a fan, you can almost predict your team’s performance against known opponents. A few hours of research can also equip you with the insight needed to make more correct predictions about match outcomes.

Sports betting offers an opportunity to make money without working a job. You can also explore virtual sports, which provide round-the-clock betting opportunities. Make sure you bet responsibly and take time to learn your sport, matches, and markets. 

Work a job in the sports industry

The sports and betting industry generates billions of dollars annually, and there are many jobs for non-athletes. Examples include sports administrator jobs like general manager, athletic director, and equipment manager.

You can also work sports management jobs like athletic coach, corporate partnership manager, and fitness manager. Sports marketing jobs include market researcher, public relations manager, and advertising manager.

The sports journalism field features positions like sportswriter, radio/podcast host, and investigative reporter. Sports media jobs like video specialist, graphic designer, and content producer are also feasible. There are many other lucrative jobs available in the sports industry.

Create a monetized sports channel

The modern internet era has created new opportunities for commentators, bloggers, and reviewers. Millions of people consume content in digital spaces, and marketers are keen to meet them there. Creating a digital sports channel can create monetization opportunities.

You can start a review site focusing on legitimate online sportsbooks and work with bookmakers to fetch affiliate income. You can also begin a podcast, YouTube channel, blog, website, or any other digital platform where you share posts, videos, images, and sports content. The digital content can then be monetized to fetch income. 

Collect and sell sports memorabilia 

Selling sports memorabilia is one of the most lucrative ventures for non-athletes. However, it also requires time and dedication. The goal is to build a collection others are willing to cash in on. You can sell used jerseys and cleats, player cards, ticket stubs, programs, autographs, and more.

Fans online are willing to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for specific items. Museums, stores, and podcast hosts may also purchase sports memorabilia to increase authenticity or elevate interior design. You can sell sports memorabilia online through your website, social media, or online stores like Amazon.

Run a sports-serving business

Sports events require various resources and services, including facilities, meals, clothing, and funds. The sports bodies organize these resources, but there’s always room for businesses to make money from grassroots events. Examples include running a canteen or clubhouse bar to serve fans food and drinks.

You can also sell sports clothing, equipment, flags, caps, and other sports merchandise. Grassroots organizations can also create sports-related businesses to serve local teams and fans. They can charge membership, facility usage, and game fees or organize fundraising for facility creation projects.

Play eSport for cash prizes

You can make money if you love eSports like FIFA or MOBA (mobile online battling arena) games like LoL, Dota, and Fortnight. There are more than 2k games in this category, with thousands of competitions in different regions. You can show off your skills and compete in virtual and physical tournaments with lucrative cash prizes.

Local eSports leagues and competitions also offer a chance to earn cash. If there are no opportunities locally, you can bet on eSports and back your favorite teams. Making money playing eSports requires time to develop and perfect your skills.

Become a pro sports player

Professional sports players earn huge salaries, especially if they play in major league franchises. Some players make millions of dollars yearly from their clubs and have endorsements from top sports brands. Famous pro players also have social media pages with millions of followers, which translates to millions in influencer and advertiser income.

Becoming a professional player requires time, effort, and dedication. Those who succeed usually start from a young age. If you’re past the age of professional sports, you can explore eSports, golf, and other games that aren’t limited by age.

Become a coach or manager

Becoming a professional sports player may be no longer possible after a certain age, but coaching is open well into retirement. You can earn coaching qualifications and approach local teams for work opportunities.

The sports industry offers various jobs for qualified coaches. You can help with training schedules, share tactics, and assist with nutrition, conditioning, rehabilitation, and motivation. Coaching doesn’t require any prior background in sports, although having played before has advantages. If no coaching opportunities exist, you can start an online learning/training platform to teach others who want to be coached. 

More ways to make money in the sports industry

There are many other ways to make money from the sports industry. You can run fantasy leagues, become an independent sports journalist/reporter, rent out sports facilities and equipment, manage sports events, or offer consultancy. At the top level, organizers fetch money through television broadcasting, commercial sponsorships, endorsements, spectator fees, and government funding. 

Online sportsbooks, digital platforms, and service businesses offer the best money-making opportunities. You can leverage the entertainment value of sports to provide commentary, video content, match analysis, odds and previews, etc. All these can be accomplished online and monetized to fetch advertising income. Other businesses can also be built around blogs and podcasts.