How to make money in a small town in 2021

Need money but limited for earning options because of where you live? Here are 10 ways you can make money in a small town in 2021.

It’s easy to assume that living in a small, slow-paced town doesn’t offer many opportunities for financial growth. But that’s not the case! Regardless of your location, you’ll find financial success if you just let your creativity and ambition be your drive. 

A small town may not have large corporations and organizations offering high-paying jobs. But if you know where to look, there are plenty of options that can help achieve your make-money-in-a-small-town mission. Plus, you get little to no competition in whatever job sideline you decide to take. 

10 ways to make money in your small town

If you’re stuck for ideas – and cash – here are ten ways you could make money in your small town.

1) Make the most of online opportunities

Whether you live in a tiny village at the base of a mountain or a remote town in the middle of hectares of farmland, as long as you have a good internet connection, you’ll find a lot of online opportunities. 

From survey or video watching apps that teach you how to make 150 dollars fast to freelancing opportunities like web development or writing, you will find a job that suits your skillset and determination without being limited by your geography.

2) Offer childcare services

Finding quality childcare services in a small town can be tough for parents. And if you enjoy taking care of kids, then you can establish yourself as a reliable skilled babysitter, daycare provider, or nanny. 

This is something that you can do in a purchased or leased space, in your own home, or in other people’s homes. Take note that being a skilled babysitter or establishing a licensed daycare setting will take some time and investment on your part to get licensed, certified, or registered.

3) Look after other people’s pets

Regardless of where you live, there will always be people with pets. And if you’re a pet lover yourself, then this can be an opportunity for you to make extra money. 

People working long hours or those who want to go on vacation but can’t take their cute pup with them will need a pet-sitter badly. From simple pet-walking services when their owner needs to work the whole day to pet lodging services that let you take care of furry furballs for a few days to weeks, pet care can be a great niche in a small town. 

4) Start a rental business

If your small town is a hidden haven for some tourists, then think of the things that you could rent out to them. For instance, if you live near a beach or islands, you can rent out a boat for island hopping. If you’re near rich marine sanctuaries, you can rent out diving gear or kayaks. 

Or perhaps, you can just rent out a part of your home or property for overnight use. This is especially practical if you have a beachfront property. If you live in a farming or history-rich town, you can rent out bikes or other casual vehicles so tourists can get around. 

5) Became a real estate agent

Most people in a small town consider moving to the big city for more opportunities in life. Some stressed-out people or retiring individuals would love to settle in a peaceful, remote town. 

Clearly, there’s plenty of opportunity to become the one and only established real estate agent in your town. You can help your neighbors sell their property or assist buyers to find a cozy place to settle in your small town. 

Of course, you’ll need to obtain a certification in order to be a qualified real estate agent. But it is a small investment for a good sideline opportunity. You can make decent commissions on every home you sell or list. Plus, most people are more likely to trust a local agent who knows the ins and outs of the area and guide them through the processes and costs to sell a house in that locality. 

6) Offer home cleaning services

There will always be people willing to pay others to clean their homes. From families with a huge home that’s impossible to clean on their own and parents who are too busy with work or taking care of their kids to an elderly living alone—home cleaning services are a life-saver. 

So, if you’re a clean-freak yourself and don’t mind cleaning other people’s homes, then consider offering cleaning services. Take note that because of the low barrier to entry, you might encounter some competition. So, if you wish to succeed, then be the best at offering home cleaning or target a specific niche. For instance, you can specialize in natural cleaning products for homes with sensitive kids. 

7) Become a handyman (or woman!)

If you have the basic DIY or fix-it skills, then you can be your community’s reliable handyman or woman. 

The average person won’t have the skills or proper tools to fix a running toilet, leaky sink, or broken appliances. Or if you have the proper license and tools, then you can tackle bigger projects such as home improvements and installation services. 

8) Sell your produce

Do you love to garden and have a wide space to back it up? Why not make your hobby a business and use your green thumb to make extra money?

You can grow fresh and organic vegetables and fruits.  Then, sell your produce in your backyard or take it to your local farmer’s market. 

9) Be a home tutor or instructor

Do you have the brains for math or the talent for playing the piano? You can be a tutor for young students who need to boost their grades or preparing for college entrance exams. 

Some parents also like to nurture their kid’s creativity and talents. You can be that musical or arts instructor to nurture such skills. Take note that you might have to be certified or licensed in order to become an established tutor or instructor. 

10) Provide house sitting or property helper services

Yes, house sitting is a thing. Although it’s not revolutionary or new, it’s needed in rural communities, especially in farming towns with hectares of crops or homes with unique animals that need to be taken care of. 

Property owners may need extra hands to help in their daily work. Or they just want to take a week-long vacation and need someone to take care of everything while they’re gone. 

You can become the go-to service for such people. And the great thing about these services is that you can charge higher prices too due to their complexity and uniqueness.

How can you earn money in your small town?

Living in a remote, small town shouldn’t stop you from making a living. With some creativity, imagination, and a little market research, you’ll find tons of methods to make money on the side.