How to make money at home without falling for an online get-rich-quick scheme

In a fantasy world, we wouldn’t have to work to make money. We would have anything we wanted, and we could just enjoy things.

But as ideal as that may sound, we don’t live in that world – instead we need to work to earn money. And sometimes that means working long hours in a tough job we don’t enjoy.

So it’s no wonder that some people are tempted by get-rich-quick schemes, like MLMs. Schemes that often fail and leave you with even less money than you started with.

Many people have the misconception that working online is easy, and you can get rich overnight. And yes, the online medium provides many opportunities to make money, but they don’t unlock financial freedom overnight.

Just like in the offline world, you need to research, work, and invest. There are no shortcuts to earning revenue. It takes effort.

This isn’t meant to scare you or lead you to believe that can’t earn money online. You can make a sustainable income online if you identify the opportunity that works best for you. This article will explore some of the most creative ways you can make a living from your home’s comfort. 

Create and sell software

The good news for software developers is that people are connected to their devices virtually 24 hours a day, and these devices don’t work without software.

So whether you build fitness apps, time-wasting games, or apps that solve problems for specific niches, building software can help you start a profitable business. 

Don’t be disheartened by the fact that the apps in your App Store all seem to come from the same massive companies that have dominated the market during the last years.

Yes it’s true that these apps get the most buyers. But many of the apps Apple and Google Stores provide were made by individuals and small companies, and later sold to well-known brands. 

You have two options when you build software products. You can come up with an innovative idea, validate it with real clients, and attract investors to help you develop and launch it. The app is yours, and you get all the money when Apple and Google Stores sell it. Or you promote the product alone, and you retain the sole ownership when you sell it. 

Share inspiring stories on a podcast

Now more than ever, people need inspiring stories in their lives. We are living in an age when people are struggling with mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and stress, and they rely on other people to support them in their fight.

Podcasts are a super-hot trend because people can play them when they’re at work, driving their car, doing housework or working out in the gym. With our hectic lives, we need a passive way to take in content, and you can deliver something they need via a podcast. 

Now is the perfect time to build an audience and make money from something that can make a difference and help people. Creating a podcast will take some time because many other people are already putting out great content on established podcasts.

But if you target a specific niche and provide content that satisfies their needs, you’ll get there. An example to follow is John Lee Dumas who interviews entrepreneurs seven days a week for his podcast Entrepreneur on Fire and earns over $200,000 monthly. But he didn’t get there overnight; it took him work and effort to reach this level. 

Starting a podcast isn’t different than running a YouTube channel – you need to be consistent in the type of content you promote. 

Invest in Forex

You can also use your mathematical and analytical skills to make money online. Trading Forex requires substantial knowledge of math because you work daily with statistics, predictions, and spreads.

Excellent numerical and analytical skills help you decode them quickly and use the information to your advantage. This is the perfect time to invest in Forex because you can access online tools that improve your performance.

You can register on a platform that offers various binary contracts for trading and financial instruments based on a simple yes or no question. Sometimes the terms in Forex sound more complicated than they really are, and using an online resource can help you crack the code.          

However, become a Forex trader only if you have discipline and mental stamina, because at the start you’ll experience ups and downs. And it’s your decisiveness and alertness that will help to keep you on the right path. 

Narrate audiobooks

Fewer and fewer people are reading books. And not because they don’t like literature, but because they lack time to browse a physical book. But they are more than thrilled to listen to their favorite books, and they use audiobook apps to keep up with the latest releases in literature.

So if you have a good voice and a background in acting, you can make money by selling your voice to apps that read books to people. You can find online sites that connect audiobook performers with authors to find gigs. 

Write and sell books and stories

Have you always dreamt of writing a book, and you think you have an idea that could win over readers? Put your thoughts down onto paper, send the script to an editor for an objective look, and publish it on an app.

You’d be surprised how writing books can change people’s lives and how much money you can make by selling books online. 

Upload your book with a worldwide known bookseller like Amazon if you want to reach a broader audience. For every sale, Amazon gives you 70% of the profit. 

Who knows, maybe one day your book will turn into a movie and you’ll become the next George R.R. Martin?

Use social media to promote your book once it’s out in the world. It may be challenging to attract the first few buyers, but once they review it and start talking about it, the buzz around your name will bring you readers and money.