How to make homework more fun and easy for your child

Very few children approach their homework with enthusiasm. In fact, some will go to extreme lengths to avoid doing it.

So how can you ensure that they’re motivated to complete their homework on time? Some parents adopt a stern approach, but there is an easier way to go about it – just make homework time more fun.

Okay we appreciate this may seem like a tall order, but here are five suggestions that can help you, if not make homework actually fun, but less of a chore.  

1) Help them

Homework can feel like a real chore when you don’t know the answers to the questions. So there may be occasions when you want to help your child. to by simply feeding them the answer, but by giving guidance on how to answer the question.

You can use websites like AssignmentGeek to study particular topics; these websites have resources on a wide range of topics to help.

2) Create magical motivators

Children don’t always appreciate that homework is meant to help them; to them it’s just an unwanted task they’re forced to complete. However, the task might seem less onerous if there was a reward waiting for them at the end of it.

So decide on a ‘magical motivator’ for your child, based on their particular likes and dislikes. Motivators shouldn’t be expensive bribes, but small, cheap (or free) rewards they value. Small kids may be motivated by snacks or plying with toys – promise them these if and only if they finish their homework on time.

Older children might appreciate more TV time, access to smart gadgets, and more privileges around the house. If you have a Sony TV, you can also help your kids by making homework more engaging and dynamic. You can mirror the screen of your iPad or iPhone on a smart TV.

Try to juggle several magical motivators to avoid monotony and keep your child excited. And always make sure that the magical motivators come after the work is done. 

3) Use learning apps

Children learn at different paces. Some are quick to grasp whatever is being taught, while others need more help. And, while your help is appreciated, it wouldn’t hurt to let technology do the heavy lifting. 

There are numerous learning apps that make it easy for children to learn and get their homework done. They combine the use of vibrant visual aspects and sounds to make learning fun. Math learning apps are especially effective. Most of these apps are free, and kids find them easy to use. 

4) Get a homework buddy

Most children would rather be out playing with their friends than cooped up inside doing homework. However, you can still give your child sme company and get their homework done by arranging for them to have a homework buddy. 

You can invite your child’s friend over after school to do their homework together (ensuring that they genuinely are doing homework). You can also give your child permission to go over to their friend’s home to do their homework. Many children find it much easier to study in company.

5) Take the pencil sometimes

While we’re not saying that you do your child’s homework for them – that would be counter-productive – we are suggesting that you help them write their homework on days when things seem particularly hard.

All the ideas should come from your child on these occasions; you’re simply the one writing them up. 

Homework doesn’t have to be a chore

Homework time doesn’t have to be hectic or a daily chore. We hope these tips help your children nurture a positive attitude towards homework, and make it easier and more fun for them to do their studies when they come home from school. 

Photo by Rachel