How to keep up morale in the office during covid

Want to keep your employees positive during these uncertain times? Find out how you can boost morale in the office.

Right now, everything in the world is full of uncertainty, and it’s a difficult time – particularly for front-line workers, parents, people who are pregnant, or anyone vulnerable.

If you have a business in an industry that is still going ahead at the moment, you might want to know how to keep your employees positive during such uncertain times. 

Provide equipment

If your employees can’t work at home for whatever reason, it’s important that you do anything you can to help keep them safe. Provide plenty of hand wash, and employ extra cleaners.

You will want to ask them to ensure they are social distancing, and where possible, to wear a mask. You could invest in branded face snoods to provide smart and comfortable options that look professional but are easy to wear. 

Keep up open conversations

When things are tough, communication is key. Make sure you are checking on your employee’s welfare, as much as their work progress, and keep open lines of communication to ensure honesty and clarity on both sides.

Discuss what you expect from your staff, but also allow them to feedback about how things are going – they may have their own ideas on how to keep the workplace safe from covid

Arrange covid-safe social events

For many of your employees, their work colleagues might be the only people outside of their home that they are allowed to see. Although your team might be used to things like after-work drinks, it doesn’t mean that they can’t find other things to do.

Perhaps you could host a fun online quiz once a week and offer prizes. Make it a highlight of everyone’s week, rather than a chore. 

Encourage exercise

A little friendly competition can go a long way in motivating your staff and bringing a team together. Set up an exercise challenge – perhaps amount of steps taken in a day, and create a virtual leaderboard.

You could even make this a sponsored event to raise money for a charity. This would be a fantastic mix of doing something good for others and doing something good for yourselves. 

Show your appreciation

A “thank you” can go a long way, and although you might think your staff already know that they are valued, there is no harm in letting them know again. Perhaps write a personalised email, or even send a card for a special touch.

If you have the budget, provide a little care package to show them how much their hard work means, and help them get through such a tough time – include snacks, tea bags, portable sanitiser, etc. You may also want to consider Covid-19 workplace testing in Santa Barbara. Taking the extra step to prevent a Covid outbreak in the office will assure employees that you are putting their safety first.

Although you are likely feeling very stressed in your own right, and it’s important to take care of your own wellbeing by helping to boost office morale, you will notice that your employees are more resilient to this difficult time and more able to work efficiently where it is needed. Hopefully, this will help reduce stress in all areas.