How to increase your sales through a well-designed website

A well-designed website not only attracts new users but also plays a vital role in boosting sales. E-commerce has revolutionized the way we buy today, but it’s also increased competition.

As a result, every aspect of your website, including your company’s logos, attracting cliparts, SEO-friendly content and brochures, must be well designed and placed in the optimal locations on your site. Check out Creative Fabrica to obtain incredible logos!

Whether you have a third-party affiliate website or a webpage delivering social services, the web design will always decide how successful it is – or not. Which is why companies invest in the services of bay area web design firms.

So it is important, if you want to attract more customers, to find ways to improve website design. In this article we share a few practical tips that ensure your website hits the mark to reach the maximum conversion rate.

Responsive web design

Users will form an opinion of your website based partly on its visual appearance and colors. And given the aim when designing the site is usually always to make visitors stay longer, it’s essential thatch you make the design unique and eye-catching.

So use high-quality images and video, and do not consistently advertise products on your landing page, as this can create confusion or distract your customers from progressing through your site to your sales pages and calls to action. Your developer should also ensure that your website is mobile response.

Powerful landing page

Your landing page is the main webpage that your users will come across, as its the first page they see when they visit your website.

Tips for designing an efficient landing page are creating clear call-to-action plans, avoiding distractions, and making it easy for users to complete their online shopping experience. It’s also vital to have an easy to read and engaging landing page. For example, if you are planning web design for recruitment, you need to ensure your current positions are easy to find.

If you have a limited budget, buying templates and font packs from companies like MasterBundles is an elegant way to design the landing page of your dreams without extra costs. These design bundles also include a collection of patterns and textures that help you customize your newsletters for your subscribers.

Organized navigation bar

An efficient and organized navigation bar is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website. It is highly likely that visitors to your site will have questions, and be looking for specific content. And your navigation bar should be built in such a way that it answers any queries for your customers.

A good navigation bar should contain links that put everything together in a single tab and help customers find what they are looking for. It should also divert the customers to additional sections such as buy or add to cart.

Load time

Your landing page’s loading speed increases the conversion rate, as a fast and responsive web design ensures customers stay for longer. Usually, the background images or a video slows down the speed of web pages. Generally, the load time of a webpage is five seconds. Any second that passes above five seconds can cause a massive drop in your conversion rate. So try to minimize the size of the images used without compromising the quality of your website.

Integrate white space in the design

A professional-looking website design uses the white space efficiently. The mistake that many companies make is to try to fill every available space on a website. However, overstuffing textures and images may lead to distracting customers’ attention. It also doesn’t allow you to really show off your most important messages.

If you’re looking for a top-notch design that balances aesthetics and functionality, consider hiring a five-star custom web development company to take your website to the next level.

White space is a key to good design, and it enables the customers to maintain their focus on one piece of information. One of the finest examples of such an elegant design is Apple, Forbes, Samsung, Amazon, etc.

Footer with all necessary links

Last but not least, your website’s footer should contain all the necessary information related to your website or product. Another important part that many companies miss out is a guide for users. A footer should contain a presentation tab that gives a comprehensive tour to customers.

For this, your web designer may use google slides themes to choose attractive templates. Pick a template that fits to your business niche and prepare a comprehensive presentation about your business.

A user-friendly design will boost your sales

80% of your website’s credibility comes from web design. Most people will stop using a website if it is not appealing or provides a poor user experience. A user-friendly web interface ensures maximum reach and boosts sales.

Asidefrom design, the other crucial aspect of helping your website to rank higher in google ranking is your content. Your website’s content should always encourage customers to purchase, as your design alone cannot do the miracle of converting traffic into sales. Further, your SEO teams should sit in with developers to design according to Google’s policies.