How to include contemporary fashion staples in your wardrobe that work in all seasons

While many people enjoy keeping up with the latest fashion trends, their budget doesn’t always allow them to participate in the latest ‘it’ purchase, especially if a version hasn’t made its way to the high street.

However, you don’t need to deep pockets to look stylish. With some clever purchasing you can build a wardrobe that consists of classic, well-made items that will see you through many seasons and style changes. Items that can be paired with cheaper, on-trend items that may appear in your wardrobe for a year or two only.

So as fashion continually evolves, you can stay stylish without breaking the bank – or looking like. fashion victim dressed head to to in fast fading fads. So what are these classic items? Here are a few to inspire you and ensure that you have contemporary fashion staples in your wardrobe that work in all seasons.

1) Levi’s 314 shaping straight jeans 

A classic pick from Levi’s, this pair of super-comfortable jeans is perfect for running errands around town, or a casual meet-up with friends. With a straight leg pattern and snug contours, these jeans are made with a tummy-slimming panel. They also feature Levi’s Sculpt Fabrication with Hypersoft for enhanced support.

The great thing about jeans too is that they can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion, and often work as well in heels, boots and trainers.

A perfect wardrobe staple that works in all seasons, this pair of jeans retails at $59.50 at Levi’s stores, but with the Levi’s promo code 2Jeans, you can purchase two pairs for just $90!

2) A lightweight, textured, full-zip hoodie

There always comes a time when we want to snuggle into a comfy hoodie. Maybe it’s a chilly weekend walk, an afternoon on the sofa watching a movie, or a long haul flight or bus or train journey. With a built-in hood and adjustable drawstring, this hoodie is the perfect go-to piece. Just pair it with your favorite pair of jeans, shorts, or joggers and you are good to go.

You can opt for a plain hoodie to or patterned version or even tie-dye if you want to ramp up your style. These hoodies are available for purchase from Old Navy for just $12.00,  which is an absolute steal from the original price of $29.99.

3) High waist leggings

A simple and quintessential pair of leggings is a must-have piece in most women’s wardrobes, purely for their multipurpose nature. Whether you are just relaxing at your home or working out, leggings are often extremely comfortable due to their stretchy nature.

Available in a plethora of colours and patterns, leggings can be paired with a simple T-shirt or Tank top. Grab these amazing leggings from Wish for an astounding $12, which is a good deal compared to the original price of $14.

4) Fit and flare sweater dress in black

Every woman’s wardrobe must include a classic little black dress, and what better than this super stunning fit and flare Sweater Dress from GAP to add to your wardrobe? Crafted from simple knit soft cotton, this dress is cosy and snug whilst also feeling glamorous. 

Adorned with a simple lettuce hem, this outfit is perfect for a daytime outing or a brunch date when paired with the right accessories. Add this dress to your cart for $29.99 at GAP after getting up to 60% off on the original price of $69.95.

5) Wide-leg crop jumpsuit

Shake up your mix-and-match routine with this one-and-done outfit. This cute and trendy jumpsuit has a wide cropped leg pattern which allows for maximum comfort and a cinched waistline for a flattering fit.

An ideal outfit for a fun-filled day out, or a coffee run, you can buy this fabulous jumpsuit from Zulily at an excellent price of $26.99, after a discount from the retail price of $93.00.

6) Broderie Anglaise white bib shirt

A simple, crisp white shirt is an indispensable part of a woman’s wardrobe, thanks to its versatile nature. To take things up a notch, you can opt for this white Broderie Anglaise bib shirt. Pair it with super stylish jeans and classic accessories and hit the town.

This light-weight cotton blouse is perfect for summer evenings and the detailed tie-neck bib adds a certain charisma to the entire outfit. Originally retailing for $350 at Coach, you can now purchase this pretty piece for just $175.

7) Cotton fleece mid-rise jogger

As most of us are spending more time indoors during the recent lockdowns, it is wise to invest in some quality loungewear. These cotton joggers are the ultimate comfort package, made of supersoft fleece, and is perfect for a laidback evening of reading or watching movies.

Pair it with a crew neck T-shirt or a sleep shirt and complete the laidback look. Buy these joggers originally worth $44.99 from Victoria’s Secret for just $19.99, thanks to the ongoing clearance sale.

8) Chevron woven flip flops

Since we have all bid a temporary adieu to our fancy footwear, why not invest in a pair of stylish yet comfortable flip flops? Whether you are headed to the local park, or to the grocery store, these flip flops can be paired with any comfortable outfit. Equipped with wide fabric straps and smooth footbeds, they eliminate the risk of slipping thanks to the textured rubber soles.

Available in a quirky Chevron pattern, you can buy these flip flops from Nautica for just $19.99; an excellent deal when compared to the original price of $30.00.

Fashion in the time of a pandemic does not have to be boring, lacklustre or expensive. With a carefully curated selection of wardrobe staples that can be easily mixed and matched to create social media-worthy looks for all seasons, you can step up your fashion game without running out of budget.