How to improve your sales in-store and online

If you sell items to customers for a living, then you know that there is a lot more to it than simply being handed an item and making a sale.

The customer goes on a journey, often starting before they even think about stepping into the shop. They will research what they want, weigh up their options, want to try it out, compare costs, and only then will they consider sealing the deal.

This is exactly why you need to help push them down the sales funnel, by being there each step of the way. In this article, we are going to look at how to improve sales in-store and online with the following different methods.

Seamless payment

If everything falls down at the last hurdle and your customer isn’t able to smoothly complete their transaction, then you’re in trouble. It’s not difficult for them to just go to a competitor store or eCommerce site instead.

That’s why you need to ensure that you accept their preferred payment method and that you have a functional, efficient payment system, such as virtual credit card processing. The last thing you want is to turn away paying customers due to technical difficulties or not being able to accept their payment method.

Customer service

Every interaction your business has with a client or customer must always be polite, professional, and informative – no excuses. If you fail to deliver these three qualities, then quite simply, you will lose out, as customers aren’t going to want to give you their money.

To improve your customer relations, consider a CRM system that can keep track of all your online interactions and improve communications. For your store, where you see customers face to face, always ensure to greet them with a smile and be there to answer any of their queries, without being intrusive. Make sure your employee training is up to scratch with this too.

Catch the eye of customers

It’s important to give your potential walk-in customers every reason to know you’re there, even if you’re solely running a pop-up shop. With acrylic or inflatables used as the material for 3D signs and decorative elements, you can make your presence known before anyone had the chance to find you of their own accord. If you hope to increase foot traffic, it’s not hard to see why that’s a superior option.

Irresistible offers and perks

People love a bargain, and often, end up spending more than they originally would have if there’s a discount involved. Keep this in mind and offer birthday treats, ‘refer a friend’ discount codes, and so on. Even something small, such as complimentary chocolate with each purchase, can mean that people have a more positive association with your brand.

Social media

Intertwining a few of the above points is social media. You can use your social platforms to interact with and learn about your customers. You can also promote any offers or discounts you currently have, as well as using it to share business news. Most social media is free if you manage it yourself, the only thing it costs is your time. Post regularly, engage with comments, and build your empire! Your brand will become more recognizable and memorable due to this, which will lead to a boost in sales.

All in all, to improve your sales you just need to get the basics right. If you make sure the foundation of your sales technique is spot on, everything else should fall into place. 

Provided by Straight North