How to improve the efficiency of your remote business

The COVID-19 pandemic closed many businesses for good and forced many others to adopt digital business models to remain operational.

However, despite these economic challenges, Adobe Acrobat reports a distinct increase in digital entrepreneurship and new business since 2019. As more and more digital companies are launched each day, remote companies must have the proper online tools to remain efficient.

If you’re planning to launch a business or move your business to a digital workplace, here are some key ways to promote efficiency in a digital workplace.

Train your team

Digital workplaces require technology and software training to be utilized efficiently by your remote workforce. A skilled remote workforce can be challenging to hire, but offering professional development opportunities and workplace training can attract valuable employees.

Make sure that your training courses are comprehensive so your new team can quickly adapt to the new digital workplace. Without a skilled workforce, you lose the value of the technology and software you invest in to develop your business.

Many digital workplaces and online business tools come with training resources that teach teams how to use their product; make these trainings mandatory for all new hires to ensure they understand how to take full advantage of the tool.

Invest in collaborative tools

A remote team needs to stay connected and work collaboratively to be successful and efficient. A collaboration tool is any software or other tool your team uses to work together and communicate every day. Investing in collaborative business tools can improve the efficiency of your remote business by effortlessly connecting your team.

Essential collaborative tools for remote businesses include video conferencing software, an instant messaging platform, and a document management system to edit and share files easily. Collaborative tools such as these can automate the workflows of your remote team and save your company time and money on tedious, repetitive tasks such as data entry.

Support your remote workforce

Not only should you provide your remote workforce with comprehensive training, professional development opportunities, and collaborative tools, but you should also maintain a strong culture of employee support within your digital workplace.

Adobe Acrobat reports, “More than 3 in 4 adults would rather apply for jobs that offer remote work options. 81% of remote workers say they are more productive.” With more workers turning to remote work options than ever before, your company must offer unique benefits and strong support to retain your employees.

Have regular one-on-one video calls with each employee to encourage a healthy work-life balance and get any feedback they may have about the day-to-day. Investing time and money into your remote workforce will only help your business succeed in the long run.

Optimize your digital presence

The Adobe Acrobat study reported a significant uptick in the last 12 months in Google searches for terms like “how to start a business at home” and “how to start a business online.” Since the pandemic, the increase in remote businesses has made digital marketing an integral component of any successful remote business.

With more consumers shopping online and through their mobile phones than ever before, your business must be able to reach customers on social media and other platforms. Invest in your digital marketing strategies, consider paid targeted advertising on social media, and free promotional opportunities such as engaging with your followers online.

To run a successful online store in 2022, you need to get your brand name out on the internet and in front of the user.

These are just a few ways you can improve the efficiency of your remote business. If your company is turning to a digital workplace, enact these tips to support your team fully and efficiently scale your business.