How to have a safe and fun family bonfire night

As the air turns crisp and the leaves turn fiery orange, we know that bonfire night is just around the corner. With it, brings a sprinkle of magic and a dash of excitement.

For parents with babies and toddlers, this can be an exciting time, but it’s essential to ensure the celebrations are as safe as they are fun!  

In this article, Jenny Shaw MA, Lead Academic Research and Developer at Busy Bees Nurseries shares advice – from expert safety tips to imaginative activities – to help you enjoy a secure and memorable celebration for your little ones.

How to stay safe on bonfire night

Whether it’s your baby’s first bonfire night or not, safety is always paramount. Here are some key tips for a safe bonfire night with your little ones: 

  • Choose the right location: Opt for organised community events for a well-regulated and safe experience, especially for your baby’s first bonfire night.  
  • Use ear protection for young children: It might be wise to consider some noise-cancelling earmuffs to shield little ears from the loud bangs and pops.  
  • Keep away from fireworks: Keep a safe distance from fireworks and ensure toddlers understand the importance of not approaching them.  
  • Supervise young children: Whether you’re holding a tiny hand or keeping a watchful eye, close supervision ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all the family.  

With these safety measures in place, you can embrace the magic of bonfire night knowing your little ones are protected.  

Bonfire night activities to light up little imaginations

Introducing your little ones to bonfire night can be a delight for their senses. If it’s your baby’s first bonfire night, the bright lights, new smells, and different noises will be a sensory explosion! 

If you have toddlers, why not try some of these bonfire night activities to create memories around the seasonal celebration.

Glow stick play  

Safety First: Supervision is essential, while they are generally considered safe, they are not meant to be ingested, remind children to keep them out of their mouths.  

Glow sticks are a child-safe alternative to sparklers. The soft, glowing light can captivate both babies and toddlers, adding a magical and interactive touch to bonfire night.  

Create firework art with paint blowing 

Channel the spirit of fireworks by letting toddlers create their own explosive masterpieces. Using child-friendly poster paint and straws, they can blow paint across paper to mimic the burst of colours in the night sky.  

There are many more bonfire night activities available, and ideas on how to spend your first bonfire night as a family. In this CBeebies video, Connie explores different ways to enjoy and celebrate bonfire night with her family.   

Have a cosy and safe bonfire night in

For those who prefer the comfort of home, creating a safe a memorable bonfire night experience is just as magical. Here are some ideas for families celebrating their baby’s first bonfire night, or parents with toddlers who want to ensure a safe bonfire night at home.

Themed movie night 

As bonfire night approaches, the nights become chillier, and afternoons become darker. An indoor bonfire night alternative is to enjoy a family-friendly film that incorporates fireworks or light-themed scenes. It’s a cosy way to bring the excitement of bonfire night right into your living room.  

Imaginary-play bonfire experience 

Gather various things from around the house such as blankets and cushions and cosy up around a make-believe bonfire in your living room. You could even have some bonfire night-themed snacks, such as marshmallows and delicious apples!  

If you have pets at home, being with them on bonfire night is also beneficial, as well as putting methods in place to help them on the week of bonfire and firework night.  

Have a fun and safe bonfire night

We hope this guide has sparked some ideas for ways you can create a safe, yet magical bonfire night celebration with your little ones. Remember, safety is the most important thing when it comes to any festivity.  

With over 40 years of providing fantastic childcare under our belt, we know how to celebrate for a whole variety of festivities!