How to handle people commenting about your weight post-lockdown

With lockdown restrictions slowly ending in the UK, some people are dreading negative comments about their weight – so how best do you handle it?

Continuing lockdown measures sparked a series of resolutions for much of the nation. Whether it was taking up a new hobby, implementing a new fitness regime or setting a mindfulness challenge, social news feeds were soon filled with friends and influencers alike documenting their lifestyle changes.

For some, the new normal has understandably left them feeling unmotivated, unusually tired, and out of sorts.  As a result, they have seen changes in their body.

The 21 June is a date in the UKs diary as it is when the government has stated that the UK will be free from most Covid-19 measures.  As this filled many with joy, for some dread ensued as they are nervous that their loved ones and friends alike will vocalise changes in their appearance.

Here, the dispensary and wellness brand PureOptical suggests how to handle ‘weight talk’ post-lockdown, and in turn navigate uncomfortable, unwanted conversations.

Prepare yourself for comments in advance

Before meeting up with family and friends for the first time, you probably know which people are most likely to comment on changes that you feel are noticeable, as we all have people in our lives that seem to live by the ‘I’m just saying it how it is’ mantra.

If you feel they are going to voice unwanted comments, you may want to drop into the conversation the stress or struggles you have been through in the past year. By making them aware you have not found the past year easy like many others, they may shy away from making unnecessary comments. 

If you are particularly worried about speaking to someone at a larger gathering, it may be best to try to steer clear of having a long conversation with them if you know it will impact your self-esteem. While many people have your best interests in mind, it is important to remember some people are naturally just quite judgemental and rude without thinking about it.  

This is not a reflection on you, as more than likely they are tackling their own insecurities (though it’s also good to remember that some people should no longer be in your life if they constantly compromise your self-esteem).

Arm yourself with a quick comeback

Not all changes in appearance are a bad thing, and in fact, the changes to your appearance during lockdown may mean you feel a whole lot healthier and more confident in yourself. If a person makes a comment about your appearance, you want to be ready with a quick comeback that will put them in their place.

Maybe mention that you made some healthy lifestyle changes and are sleeping more as well as keeping active. This will soon hinder any ‘unwanted talk’ and showcase to others that you are feeling much happier in your body and mind. 

Ultimately, your overall appearance is no one else’s business, and it is important to make others realise that early on. By implementing boundaries and letting people know that you do not appreciate their comments they will learn this is not an appreciated topic of conversation.

Show your body some love

It can be so easy to start criticising your body even more after receiving one piece negativity from someone else. Take steps to appreciate how you look, this will work to form an armour that minimises the impact of comments that you deem negative.

Misconceptions on modern beauty standards have dictated that only a very small percentage of people are, in fact, healthy, and this is not only wrong, but also medically incorrect.

Boost your self-esteem

A lot of us are feeling very self-conscious about our appearance, and there is a lot of pressure to take certain steps before re-emerging into the post-lockdown world. While hopefully, you realise all this pressure is manmade not to be taken seriously, you can still show yourself some self-love.  

Having been inside for so many months, with bars and clubs closed for the majority of the last year, it’s normal to be feeling nervous about going out again. Try to remember what you’ve achieved during the past year.  Many of us feel the pressure to have gained a six-pack or completely transformed our lives in the last year, but in fact, the only thing we need to remember is that we have navigated our way through a pandemic.

Even the most minor things are a huge achievement in the past year, so keep this in mind and be kind to yourself as we re-emerge into the world this summer.

Photo by Courtney Cook