How to get your products seen on Amazon using sponsored ads

Amazon Sponsored Ads are a great way to gain more visibility for your products on the world’s largest online marketplace.

By paying for ad placements, you can increase the chances of shoppers seeing and clicking on your listings. This raises your sales potential. 

Follow this simple guide to setting up effective Amazon Sponsored Ads for your products.

Choose your campaign type

Amazon offers three main campaign types to select between based on your goals:

  • Sponsored Products – Your ad shows when a shopper searches terms related to your products. You pay per click.
  • Sponsored Brands – Your ad includes your product image, brand name and price. Displays on search and product pages. Pay per click.
  • Product Display Ads – Your ad displays on other product pages that are related or complementary to what you sell, allowing you to target competitors’ potential customers. Pay per 1,000 impressions.

Consider your overall strategy and aim to pick the campaign type most aligned. You can run multiple campaigns concurrently, which may be useful when you’re starting out with Amazon ads.

Set up your campaign

Log in to your Amazon Advertising account in Seller Central. Go to “Create campaign” and choose your campaign type. Give your campaign a meaningful name and set your daily budget. Use campaign targeting tools to refine who sees your ads based on categories, products, keywords, and competition. 

Upload creatives or use automatic options. Set your bid – how much you’ll pay for clicks or impressions. Enable campaign and set schedule. Save and launch.

Optimise and analyse

Give your campaign time to gather data and optimise itself. Check back every 2-3 days. Look at campaign metrics like clicks, spend, Average CPC, ACoS and conversion rate. Tweak the targeting if needed. Raise bids on well-performing elements or pause poorer areas. 

Dig into keyword and product targeting reports to guide decisions. Use negative keywords to reduce irrelevant clicks. Turn off any low-performing campaign elements. 

Aim for an ACoS (Total Advertising Cost of Sales) under 100% over the lifetime of a campaign. If ACoS climbs too high, reassess.  

Measure ROI

Analyse sales and revenue attributable to your Amazon ads using campaign tracking tools. Factor in costs. This gives your true return on investment and profit. Pay close attention to conversion rate and Cost per Acquisition metrics.

Isolate high-converting keywords and target more related search terms. Implement strategies to grow Amazon sales by optimizing your product listings and advertising efforts. Continually test new elements and trim underperformers. Learn and refine to drive more positive ROI over time from your advertising spend.

Need a broader strategy?

If you want to build a strong brand on Amazon and other online marketplaces, consider working with an agency like WRP. They can help you build a brand and unlock the power of data on sites like Amazon.

Setting up a targeted Amazon Sponsored Ads campaign and managing it for optimum performance takes some research and effort. But this promotional route allows you to proactively increase product visibility in front of millions of potential buyers.

Use the tips outlined here to effectively showcase your goods and boost sales. Commit to analysing results and refinements for ongoing success driving revenue from Amazon.