How to get your house ready for a new-born baby

Are you expecting a baby or planning to have one soon? Find out how you can get your house ready for their arrival.

Welcoming a baby into the family – whether it’s your first, second, or fifth – is an extremely exciting, rewarding time, but we know it can be stressful, too. 

Of course, you’ll want to ensure the nursery and the wider house are ready for their arrival. Here are some tips to help you create a safe, warm, and inviting space. 

Baby proof your home

‘Baby proofing’ your home is the act of ensuring the environment is safe for children, and it should be taken very seriously. Install childproof locks on cupboards and doors, place baby gates at the top and bottom of any staircases and cover any sharp edges of furniture with corner protectors.

As you whisk around the house, making sure there are no potential risks or dangers to your baby, you may realise you’d prefer more space – for both the baby’s sake and yours. After all, you are bringing an extra human into your home.

You could look at the new build options available in your area as early as possible to ensure you can transition in good time, before the little one makes their arrival.

This is the perfect time to perform a simple cleaning & organization session to remove any unnecessary  items laying around the house. 

Decorate your nursery

When it comes to the nursery, the décor is completely up to you and your tastes. If you know the gender you’re expecting and prefer the traditional kind of vibe, you might choose to go with the standard blue/pink wallpaper or paint. Alternatively, opt for gender-neutral colours like beige, white, and yellow for a modern feel.

Pastel colours are very calming to babies, so whatever hue you feel is right, we recommend finding a pastel alternative. For a variety of pastel options, you might explore different choices at the Wildbird online shop or any other reputable shop, where you can discover a range of subtle and soothing tones to create a serene environment for your little one.

If you’re unfazed by gender associations, you could look at colour psychology and use that concept instead. For example, green is associated with nature and healing, while purple represents spirituality and ambition. It’s important your baby is exposed to encouraging colours from early on.  

Choose the right furniture

Once you’re happy in your home and you’ve started decorating the nursery, the next part involves filling the space with the appropriate furniture.  This stage of preparing the nursery can feel a little overwhelming as there’s so much to consider, but take a deep breath and remember: one step at a time.  A crib, changing unit, wardrobe, and rocking chair are essential, so start with those.

As you’ll soon see, none of this comes cheap… At this point, don’t worry about reaching for the best of the best if doing so isn’t within your financial means. If your furniture is safe and sturdy, it’ll be perfectly suitable. 

Buy toys and accessories

This is the part most favoured by parents and babies alike – the toys and accessories! As you decorate your nursery and prepare the wider home, you can start looking for and purchasing the fun stuff. Not only will these items give you the chance to have fun and bond with your baby, but they’re also crucial for their development. As well as this, accessories like night lights and cuddly toys are fundamental for your nursery.

Baby bouncers, for example, provide a safe and stimulating environment for your little one to play in, and soft toys help babies develop their social skills. Not only are toys important for your newborn’s physical, emotional, and psychological development, but you’ll also find your inner child and have just as much fun playing with them.

Stock up on the essentials

Once the house is just about ready, make a checklist of all the essential products you need, and purchase them one by one until you have everything ahead of the baby’s arrival. This includes nail clippers, towels, bibs, baby slings, bottle sterilising gear and a pushchair.

Of course, having a baby is overwhelming (yet exciting!), but once you have all the essentials purchased and ready to go, you should be able to rest a little easier. We recommend having everything ticked off way before your due date, so there’s no need for any last-minute scrambling or panic purchasing! 

It’s almost time!

And… breathe. You should now have a better idea of preparing your nursery and home for your newborn’s arrival.

During these early stages, don’t worry about trying to make everything ‘perfect’ because ‘perfect’ is rarely attainable. We understand that this is a highly pressurised situation, and therefore, you need to relax and take it easy – not only for your baby’s wellbeing but for your own, too. 

Ultimately, all that matters is that both mum and baby are happy and healthy, and you have all the essentials to give them the best possible start in this world. We wish you the very best on this exciting new journey!

Photo by Picsea