How to fit dentist visits into your busy schedule

Keep putting off your checkup or treatment for toothache? Find out how to fit dentist visits into your busy schedule.

Whether it’s fighting through a sickness rather than seeing the doctor, or dosing up on painkillers rather than taking time off of work to visit the Dentist in Greene for toothache, many of us are guilty of putting off healthcare appointments when life is busy.

However, regardless of how busy your schedule is, it’s important to make time for a visit to the dentist – whether it’s for a regular check-up or a trip to the emergency dentist London.

So, if you’re guilty of letting work come before your health sometimes, here’s how you can fit visits to dentist Berkhamsted into your busy schedule.

Remind yourself why it’s important to visit the dentist

When we believe something is a priority, we’re much more likely to make room for it in our schedule.

So it’s important to remind ourselves why visiting the dentist isn’t just something we might want to do. But is, in fact, essential for good health. By visiting the dentist Peterborough regularly, you can: 

  • Spot (and treat) early signs of tooth decay.
  • Get cleaner teeth with a visit to the hygienist.
  • Get a diagnosis of any serious dental diseases and, in some cases, catch early signs of other health-related issues, such as diabetes.
  • Catch and treat gum disease before it progresses.

Book your appointments well in advance

The earlier you book your dentist appointments, the more likely it is you’ll have space in your diary. And with a firm date booked in, you can plan your other commitments around your appointment as you get closer to the time.

Booking early also gives you more flexibility over days and times, as the dentist is likely to have more availability,

One way to ensure you always have a date booked in well in advance is to make your next appointment while at your current checkup. So make sure you never leave the dentist without a date booked in.

Choose your appointment times carefully

When booking your dentist appointment through their booking software, pick your time and day of the week carefully. It may be that you’re more likely to stick to an appointment if it’s conveniently at the start or end of the day. This way you won’t need to interrupt work for your checkup.

If you’re making an appointment for treatment, like a filling, this would be better arranged at the end of the day, to allow time to recover from the treatment.

If you find it hard to make time in the working day, look for a dentist who offers late evening and weekend appointments. Similarly, switching to a dentist near to your workplace makes popping in during your lunch hour or straight after work easier. 

Try to get all your treatments done in one appointment

Unless you need a lot done, most dentists will be happy to do all the work you need in one appointment. But it’s important to remember that extensive dental work, such as dental implants may need to be split between appointments at your dentist’s discretion. 

You may also decide to book back-to-back visits to the dentist and hygienist, so you deal with fewer interruptions to your working day.

Look for same-day appointments or online booking 

If your schedule isn’t very predictable, finding a dentist that offers same-day appointments or online booking can make the process of finding a time you can do that bit easier.

This way, if you find that you have time spare later that day, or a meeting is cancelled at the last minute, you can call your dentist and see if they can fit you in then.

Similarly, online booking lets you browse through the available appointments for the upcoming days and weeks, so you can book in at a time that suits you without having to rely on the secretary to read off a list of available times.

Photo by Alex