How to find ‘your’ dentist?

What is ‘your’ dentist like? Each patient has their own opinion on this matter and their own criteria for choosing a doctor.

However, to summarize, a good dentist is the one you really want to visit. If you are looking for a good dentist, then this article is for you. Together with the team of the Vip Dental Care clinic, we give recommendations for choosing “your” dentist. 

Why is it important to trust your dentist?

It all starts with the first contact and trust. In fact, the dentist is your guide in the field of dental and gum treatment and an expert in oral health. Based on their qualifications, experience, and your clinical case, the dentist makes recommendations to solve your problem. Therefore, the patient’s trust in the dentist’s recommendations and expertise is the basis for successful treatment.

How do you choose a good dentist?

To find your doctor, you need to start looking for one. And do not postpone treatment for later, but at least set a day and time for a consultation in a convenient clinic. And, of course, come to the appointment.

If you are not satisfied with the first impression of communication with the doctor, it’s okay. Nothing obliges you to be treated in this place and by this doctor. Choose another clinic or another doctor until you find a specialist with whom you feel comfortable undergoing dental treatment.

What to look for at the first appointment

First of all, pay attention to your feelings. Are you comfortable with the doctor, does he pay enough attention to you during the initial examination. And also, what recommendations for further treatment are provided to you, whether they take into account your budget and insurance policy options.

Top six signs of a good dentist

Here are the main signs of a good and qualified dentist that you should consider during your first and subsequent visits to the dental clinic.

1) They have the proper qualifications

Dental prosthetics, tooth decay treatment, or teeth whitening are all different services provided by dental clinics. And the doctors who provide them must have the appropriate qualifications. For example, a dental hygienist is not always an expert in dental prosthetics or, say, veneers. Therefore, when choosing your doctor, pay attention to the doctor’s specialization and whether he or she has the appropriate education, license, and certificates.

2) They hear and take into account your wishes

When you need an emergency dentist Queens NY or you want to treat a tooth with anesthesia, or have other wishes regarding dental intervention, it is great if the doctor hears and takes into account your needs (within reason, of course). After all, your comfort is the basic minimum that should be met during a visit to any doctor. Including during a visit to the dentist.

3) They are suitable for your temperament

The doctor’s temperament is not the first thing we pay attention to, but it ultimately has a great influence on the decision to visit the clinic again. When it is easy for you to communicate with the doctor, and his mood contributes to a positive atmosphere during the visit, this is also a sign of a good dentist for you.

4) They perform their work carefully and methodically

Cleanliness, methodicality, and adherence to standards of patient care are must-haves for a good dentist. So, during your first appointment, pay attention to how the doctor adheres to these standards.

5) They make recommendations based on your capabilities

Sometimes the patient’s financial capabilities or insurance policy terms can cover some dental services and not others. In this case, it is good if the doctor takes all this into account and recommends a way to solve the problem with methods that are affordable for the patient.

6) They help to overcome fear of the procedure

Overcoming fear of dentist is perhaps the most common reason why patients do not seek help on time or have a negative experience of visiting dentists. A good dentist understands this and helps patients feel more relaxed and reassured during any manipulations and treatment. He or she will also pause the examination or treatment when the patient needs it, until the patient agrees to continue.

We hope this article will be useful for you and will help you not only with finding your doctor, but also with choosing a really well qualified dentist who will become your or even your family doctor for decades.