How to find the perfect non-binary hairstyle

Looking for the right look that is uniquely you? Here’s how to find the perfect non-binary hairstyle.

With queer people proudly taking center stage and the world becoming far more accepting of the fact that agender, bigender, and gender fluid people exist, there is simply no reason why you shouldn’t embrace the fact that you don’t fit into any specific gender box.

In keeping with the theme of coloring outside of the lines, consider getting a fresh cut that reflects the real you. Hair is an expression of one’s personality and once you feel satisfied with the way your hair looks, you’re more likely to feel confident in everything you do.

If you’re searching for non-binary hairstyles, here are some tips you can consider.

1) Choose a style that reflects the real you

With boys spotting a man bun and women opting for pixie cuts, it is clear that hairstyles have no gender at all. You need to decide on a haircut that makes you feel best. Be authentically you in the way you cut your hair and the style you choose for yourself.

If you feel like shaving part of your hair off and this makes you feel great, do it! Visit an official online shop that showcases hair products to learn more about products that can help you keep the non-binary style that you opt for looking fresh always.

2) Check the internet

When she came out with her Bangerz (2013) album, Miley Cyrus had one of the most renowned non-binary hairstyles ever. Along with Miley, K-pop artists have some of the most iconic mullet hairstyles around.

From the classic mullet to the modern mullet, the internet is aflush with inspirational ideas that’ll make it easier to incorporate this hairstyle. A simple search for non-binary hairstyles should do the trick and help you to get all the hairstyles that may appeal to you.

3) Speak to your hairstylist

A good hairstylist who has come to the party and embraced LGBTQ aesthetics will be able to tell you which hairstyle will suit your face shape as well as your personality. Most non-binary hairstyles tend to be a mash of a variety of different haircuts and styles. Sometimes all it may take to step your hairstyle up a notch is to add a face-framing fringe.

While your internet search may have yielded over 100 possible non-binary cuts, you need to confirm with your stylist which hairstyle will suit you best. It’s not always that the way a hairstyle looks in a picture will be the way your hair ends up looking. However, a good hairstylist can advise you on what hairstyle may work best for you.

4) Play around with common androgynous styles

There are also those go-to hairstyles that you can pick should your hairstylist be clueless about t non-binary hair trends. For best results, choose a hairstyle that is not too feminine or masculine. Here are a few popular examples.

The undercut

If you want to make a statement, the undercut is where you keep the upper section of your hair long while your lower hair section is left shorter. One celebrity fan of the undercut is musician Cassie who showcased how attractive the undercut can be in terms of providing hints of masculinity while still looking sophisticatedly chic.

The bob

The bob is a hairstyle whose modern interpretation was made famous by musician Rihanna. The great thing about the bob is that it suits almost all face shapes. The jawline bob speaks of masculinity with just a hint of femininity and looks deliciously stylish on all. Add some bangs and you’ll make this hairstyle even more attractive.


Mullets are making quite a stir in terms of being the go-to non-binary hairstyle for all. The mullet is usually a hairstyle that is short in the front and long in the back with light bangs. The beauty part is while mullets have been styled easily by ladies for a while males have also started perfecting the mullet style. From straight hair to curly hair, the mullet suits all hair types.

The pompadour

The pompadour is another style that has rocked the non-binary hair scene as well. To achieve the pompadour style, the idea is to have a gelled appearance at the top to create the illusion of pomp and elevation. Of course, this style is often associated with grunge rock as well.

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