How to find high quality kimonos

Looking for the perfect kimono? Discover how you can find high quality garments that you will love to wear time and time again.

A kimono is a staple wardrobe piece that you can use for many occasions. It can be dressed up, dressed down, or even thrown over a swimsuit as a quick cover up.

Bit short of traveling to Japan, how do you find a high quality kimono that will last for years to come? 

Traditional kimonos 

Kimonos are a traditional Japanese robe worn by both men and women. They were traditionally made from silk, but now are made with modern fabrics including polyester. Traditional kimonos are worn with the knotted obi around the waist.

Feminine kimonos are typically in bright colors and feature an even wider sleeve. This traditional Japanese dress is worn for special occasions and is recognized as the dress typical of  Japanese tea ceremonies. 

Since the 1990s kimonos have become more of a cultural phenomenon in fashion worldwide. A traditional Japanese Kimono and obi are probably not what you are looking for when shopping for a kimono to add to your personal wardrobe. But since kimonos have been worn for hundreds of years, it’s good to know where the trend began as you shop for one yourself. 

Modern, chic, kimonos 

The kimono of today adds an effortlessly chic touch to any look. The right kimono can instantly elevate a casual pair of jeans or enhance your little black dress. Finding a high quality kimono can pose a challenge.

You want your kimono to be well made. This is the piece that will stand out wherever and whenever you wear it. The fabric used and quality of the embroidery is essential to creating the elevated, casual, and yet chic look the kimono provides. 

Johnny Was offers an extensive range of chic, quality, and sustainably made kimonos. These pieces come in a variety of styles, colors, patterns, and fabrics.

These kimonos are not simple or basic. In fact Johnny Was incorporates a variety of materials into their kimonos: silk, denim, airy linen, and even plush velvet. They then add a variety of essential details to make their kimonos stand out. Hand stitched embroidery and floral patterns immediately take these high quality kimonos beyond the ordinary. 

How to find your perfect kimono 

When looking for the perfect kimono to compliment your wardrobe, consider what items you already have that you want to pair the kimono with. Different lengths compliment different looks from casual, to beachey, to elegant. No matter what look you are trying to achieve there is a high quality kimono for you. 


Short kimonos pair best with a simple pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. This look is perfect for a slightly elevated, and yet still casual, date night look.

Johnny Was offers a variety of high quality kimonos in this style featuring floral embroidery, eyelet lace, and plush velvet. Depending on your personal style there is sure to be a kimono that will pair perfectly with what you already have in your wardrobe. 


A medium kimono can help transition an outfit from day to night. These are the perfect accessory to bring to a summer wedding and throw on once the sun goes down to keep your shoulders from getting a chill.

Johnny Was kimonos are fantastic because, depending on how you style these mid length kimonos, they can go from casual to elegant in a pinch. Some even feature a cape design, which can immediately elevate that little black dress. Mid length kimonos also pair well with jeans and sneakers, adding just the right amount of flair to any ensemble. These are the most versatile high quality kimonos.


A full length kimono is the perfect piece to pack on your next beach vacation. Johnny Was has a variety of options and you are sure to find one that pairs perfectly with your entire swimsuit collection.

Throwing a stunning high quality kimono over your swimsuit instantly takes your poolside look to resort wear chic. It provides just enough coverage to meander around the resort property while letting your swimsuit peekaboo through. 

The best part about choosing Johnny Was is that you can guarantee the high quality kimono will last a lifetime. The hand sewn details, exquisite fabrics, and fun bohemian patterns truly set these kimonos a world apart from the competition.

These pieces are timeless, chic, and sustainable. When you purchase from a company like Johnny Was you help prevent more inexpensive clothing from finding its way into a landfill. 

These beautiful, bright, high quality kimonos will be a wardrobe staple for years to come. Maybe you’ll even continue the tradition and pass it down to your children as the Japanese did with their kimonos for generations.