How to fall in love with clothes again on Instagram

Have you called out of love with your wardrobe? Need some style inspiration? Here’s how to revive your love of clothes on Instagram.

On Instagram it’s not hard to find someone who shares your sense of style – or whose style you admire.

Some may be influencers, while others will be ordinary people who automatically buy Instagram followers to try to grow their account.

There are several ways for you to watch or communicate with the users directly on their pages, and now you can find out how.

Watch fashion videos

Love to stat the day with some fashion inspiration? Head over to Instagram, where you can browse through over 8.95 million posts a day.

You can find Instagram, live videos and stories by stylists and people with a passion for clothes and styling.

You can watch everything from a video lasting a few seconds, up to an hour. You can even bookmark videos you want to re-watch later. You can find bookmarks at the bottom right corner of the post.

To retrieve a post you’ve bookmarked, just tap the hamburger icon on your profile. You can then click on the save tab and find your saved videos.

Comment on posts

Want to know more about a poster’s outfit; perhaps where they bought it from? Just ask them!

Not everyone will respond (especially if they have a large following and receive hundreds of comments on a post) but you might get lucky. And certainly posters with smaller followings are quite likely to respond.

The number of comments and likes you can leave on Instagram is capped at 60 per hour, so don’t go crazy! Choose posts that inspire you to respond to, and comment on the posts of accounts you’d love to engage with.

Alternatively you can send people are direct message, as there’s no limit to these.

Clickable links in posts

You can add both clickable and non-clickable links to Instagram to help people learn more about posts.

Links within the content are known as unclickable and clickable links, and you can access clickable links from the user’s Instagram bio. 

The links can direct you away from Instagram to websites, online stores, sites that will offer coupons, a new product launch, or an instructional or inspirational video.

Instagram explore tab

The Instagram explore tab introduces you to fashion from stars, fashion gurus, and Instagram users you don’t know who all share the same sense of style.

This tab features the top video and photograph posts of the day. To find a specific account, use the search bar directly above the posts. In the search bar, you can look for a friend directly, search hashtags, or enter in a specific post.

You can reset the explore tab by clearing the search history in settings. You might want to do this if you find too many of the same posts are showing, and you want a fresh start.

Follow suggestions

The suggestions you find on the explorer tab are different from those you will discover after following someone new.

When you follow a new Instagram user, the platform ciphers through billions of accounts to find three that they feel have the same interests. They could like the same music artists or clothing style that you are searching for now. The more you follow, the more suggestions will appear.

Don’t be afraid to follow back, because the more followers you have means people will start following your styles as well.

Post photos of your style

Don’t just get style inspiration from Instagram – why not participate in it too, by sharing your own posts?

The more you engage with Instagram, rather than being an anonymous, passive observe, the more you’ll get out of the platform.

You’ll build relationships, and through those relationships learn more about other posters, and discover new accounts to follow – and get inspired by. And who knows? You could fall in love with your wardrobe of clothes all over again?

Photo by Ahmed Carter