Five activities you can do with your smartphone during quarantine to earn money

Looking to earn some extra cash while you’re stuck at home? Here are five activities you can do with your smartphone during quarantine to earn money.

From taking surveys to going about your regular online shopping, there are many activities you can do on your smartphone that enable you to earn cash and rewards. Here are five suggestions for things you can do during quarantine to earn some extra money.

1) Get virtual credits for taking surveys with Swagbucks

You will find numerous survey apps available where you receive gift cards or cash for your time. One of the best is Swagbucks. The questions are pretty simple. They include things like “What electronic devices do you own?” and “Where do you buy your coffee?”

Swagbucks gives out gift cards of varying amounts as well as special promotions and discounts from which you can redeem prizes. When you reach 1,000 Swagbucks, which does not take long, you can cash out for $10 in Google Play credits.

The credits act as a virtual currency. You can use them to purchase any items from the Google Play store, such as books, albums, and apps. In addition to the Swagbucks app, there are various apps that give you Google Play money. So, if you want to earn some virtual money during quarantine, start using survey apps today.

2) Earn real money with InboxDollars

If you spend time each day searching the web, as surely everyone now does, you can earn cash rewards for your searches. When you begin using the InboxDollars app for your smartphone, you earn one cent (USD) for each of your first five qualified searches.

After that, for every two searches, you earn another cent. Over time, those cents can really add up. Furthermore, by signing up to the InboxDollars app, you get $5 for free.

3) Take photos to earn money with Foap

You can make some extra money during quarantine by taking photos and uploading them to the Foap app. Simply set a price for each photograph you upload. You then have unlimited options for making money from your pictures.

The better quality your photo is, and the more it features something popular, such as a cute puppy, the more people will want to download your images. And the more downloads your photos get, the more money you can make.

4) Share your shopping behaviour with the ShopTracker app

The market research company The Harris Poll continually needs data to know what people are purchasing online. That information then allows companies to improve online shopping experiences.

To get started with The Harris Poll, you simply need to install the company’s ShopTracker app. The application then records the online purchases you make while you need to do nothing more than go about your normal virtual shopping.

You can earn rewards month after month with ShopTracker. Furthermore, the app only tracks your shopping data, not other details like your name and address. So, you have complete anonymity along the way.

5) Take on a mission possible with Field Agent

Do you fancy becoming a spy? If so, download the Field Agent app to your smartphone. While your missions might not be quite as glamorous and important as those that James Bond faces, there is still an element of excitement and covertness involved with Field Agent.

You get to take on missions like checking prices of products, verifying business locations, writing customer reviews, and taking polls and surveys. When you accept a mission, you have two hours to complete your chosen task.

The tasks are on a first-come-first-served basis. But as you take on more challenges over time, you will be offered higher-paying missions that are exclusive to you.