How to dress to impress a new client on a deadline

A prospective client calls and says they can’t make the meeting you had in your diary tomorrow, but are in the area and can meet you in 20 minutes. You’re working from home in jeans and t-shirt, and while you don’t want to miss this opportunity, you’re certainly not dressed to impress!

So, how do you meet this deadline stylishly? Luckily Wardrobe Wand stylist Karen Skagerlind is on hand with her speedy, fashion-forward tips.

Dress to impress on a deadline in five quick steps

  1. Grab a bright tailored jacket – it instantly smartens up jeans and gives you a psychological lift.
  2. Put on a statement cocktail ring – when presenting or gesticulating, your hands get a lot of attention and this is a quick accessory fix.
  3. Throw on a scarf – again adding accessories instantly makes an outfit look more considered.
  4. Exchange your slippers for an embellished pair of flats – interest on your shoes will distract from your lived-in jeans.
  5. Put on lipstick – if you can’t do your whole make-up routine, at least apply some lippy. You’ll undoubtedly be talking a lot, so put on a natural lipstick to look more groomed. Or, if you’re used to wearing red, then this will add the glam factor.

And that’s it! From drab to stylishly turned out in just ten minutes… ready to impress the toughest new client.

By Karen Skagerlind of Wardrobe Wand.