How to dress professionally AND comfortably at work

Many companies require their employees to follow a certain dress code at work. However, many women struggle to find an outfit that is both professional and comfortable.

Do you often find yourself wearing uncomfortable clothes just to look the part at work? If so, it’s time to stop. You may start wearing some comfortable unlined bras to get started. You spend most of your waking hours in the week at work, and you need to feel professional and comfortable in what you wear.

To help you dress for comfort, practicality and look professional, here are some helpful tips to find a work outfit that doesn’t feel like you’re trapped in.

Wear loose, elegant shirts

If you work in a formal environment where you have to deal with clients directly, or in a public institution, then some kind of shirt or blouse is probably a must-wear.

However, there is no workplace dress code that prohibits loose shirts. And thankfully there’s a wide. range to choose from. If you’re afraid that a loose design will give you a hippie look, choose simple models with no patterns. A white, pastel or even dark, loose-fitting shirt can be paired with anything from jeans to skirts.

If you’re wearing a shirt to work, you also need to consider what you wear underneath. If you have a slightly transparent shirt, or the material is thin, then you need to check your bra isn’t visible.

Some of the most comfortable bra types are those with front closure. You can usually find these in most lingerie stores or online. (If you’re slightly older, you can find a range of front closure bras on  

Pair a comfy skirt or dress with a longer cardigan

A comfortable dress or shirt and skirt combo looks great paired with a long cardigan. A long line cardigan will keep you warm and make you feel less exposed if you’re used to wearing trousers.

This style combination works well pretty much all year round. If you are afraid that it won’t look professional enough, just take a look around your office – you’ll probably notice other colleagues already adopting this outfit.

Take advantage of warm weather

Summer is the best season of the year to get creative with your work outfit. It is also the one season in which you can wear clothes that truly allow you to feel at ease, especially if you’re a woman.

There is nothing more comfortable than a light dress that feels almost as if you are at home in your comfy pyjamas. And almost any dress that is not too short, too transparent or too casual is a good choice for the office.

For a more professional look, opt for dresses that sit just a little bit above the knee. If you think that this choice doesn’t flatter your body, pair your dresses with platform sandals, which will make you seem taller.

Dress for work, comfort and YOU

‘Dressing to impress’ at work doesn’t have to mean squeezing yourself into uncomfortable power suits and tottering around on intimidating heels. It’s quiet possible to dress to look professional, while being comfortable and feeling like YOU.

Photo by Christopher Campbell