How to dress like the characters in Sex and the City 

Sex and the City’s revival series “And Just Like That” has sparked conversations around the iconic fashion trends seen on each of the four characters in the original show.

Whether you watched SATC as it aired or caught up long after the credits rolled on the final episode, chances are you’ll have been in awe of the stylish looks showcased by Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte. 

Each of the characters in SATC had their own unique sense of style and while the 90s have been and gone, many of the looks seen on the show have been put back in the limelight. Whether you’re inspired by Carrie’s trendsetting couture or Miranda’s masculine take on fashion, a few small changes to your wardrobe can help you recreate your favourite character’s look.

Here, we explore how to dress like the characters from Sex and the City.

The iconic wardrobe 

Sex and the City fans will vividly remember the episode in which Big reveals the custom-built walk in wardrobe he’s had made for Carrie and her plethora of designer outfits. Complete with flattering lighting and shelf after shelf of space for sky-high stilettos, it’s the walk in wardrobe of every woman’s dreams

Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie was the original fashionista and was always willing to jump on the next trend, even if it meant spending far beyond the means of her lowly fashion columnist salary. Her look was cutting-edge and more than slightly extravagant, and it often came with an eye-wateringly high price tag. 

To emulate Carrie’s style, you’ll need to invest in some key pieces such as a long fur coat (faux of course), a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels, a feminine tulle skirt and a personalised necklace.  

Miranda Hobbes

In stark contrast to Carrie, Miranda’s style was conservative and androgenous. At the time the show was aired, this was largely unusual for a woman, but today Miranda’s boxy silhouettes and flat sandals are not uncommon.  

To channel Miranda’s laidback, unglamourous aesthetic, the staples you’ll need include a puffer jacket, an oversized blazer, white T-shirts, bootleg jeans, and a good quality trench coat.

Samantha Jones

The sex symbol of the show, Samantha was a force to be reckoned with, and she was no different when it came to fashion. Her style was the very definition of power dressing and no matter what the occasion she was always dressed to capture attention. 

If you want to dress like Samantha, you’ll need to fill your wardrobe with bold prints, bright colours and the sexiest of shoes. 

Charlotte York

Easily the member of the group with the most feminine style, Charlotte favoured classic pieces and preppy designs. Designers like Ralph Lauren, Prada and Oscar de la Renta were likely to be found in her wardrobe and she would accessorise her look with classic pearl earrings or a pair of stylish shades. 

To copy Charlotte’s look, invest in tailored belted dresses, cable knit jumpers, classic blouses and pleated skirts. Complete your look with a small leather handbag and some simple Tiffany and Co. jewellery