How to create viral videos on TikTok

Smart marketing on TikTok will quickly increase your brand awareness, help you attract more potential customers and increase sales in a short time.

What many people don’t know about posting on TikTok is that viral videos are quite easy to create and don’t require a special budget.

A platform with billions of users will allow tons of people to see your company’s TikTok videos – you just need to learn how to combine the right content idea with a few social media practices powerful enough to increase your reach and engagement levels. To make your videos look professional, use the video editor for Tik Tok.

How the TikTok algorithm works

Like other social networks, TikTok uses an algorithm to show users the best content. The creators call this a recommendation engine, and it’s how content is selected to appear on the For You page.

Each user sees unique, curated content tailored to their content preferences. There are three main elements that TikTok looks at when deciding which videos to show to users.

1) Engagement

This refers to actions that users perform in the application, such as liking, commenting and sharing content, following certain accounts.

2) User interest

How long the viewer watches your content is very important. The longer a video can hold users’ attention, the more users it will be shown to.

3) Content creation

Using popular TikTok sounds, adding relevant hashtags to your posts, and editing video clips using TikTok apps by adding transitions, filters, and effects all help increase the reach of your content. VJump video editor provides many scenarios and is very easy to use.

To get more engagement, you need to create engagement-focused videos, keep your posts short (to reduce average watch time), and use trending challenges, audio, and hashtags to your advantage.

Keep in mind that the number of followers you have does not always guarantee that your video will go viral on TikTok. This may initially help more people see your content, but you still need to get comments and likes for it to be shown to a wider audience and go viral.

Going viral on any platform, including TikTok, can significantly increase brand awareness and help you convert your audience into customers and even monetize your video content as an additional source of income. Look for suitable ideas for content, actively use the TikTok video editor, and interact with your audience – and you are guaranteed success.