How to create different hair styles with a wig

Wigs have been trending for a while now. From Kylie Jenner to Beyonce, everyone seems to be rocking this fashion-forward trend.

In the past, synthetic wigs were seen as unstylish and mostly for the elderly with hair loss issues. Today, many girls are seen sporting stylish wigs. 

Synthetic wigs are more affordable today, and the advancement in synthetic fibers has led to improved wig quality that allows for easy styling. Wigs work as a protective shield against damages caused by heat, styling, and color to your natural hair. They’re also perfect for creating different hairstyles for special occasions.  

In this article, you’ll learn about a few ways to create different hairstyles with a wig.  

Straight and sleek

If you’re looking for a simple, elegant hairstyle that works well with a modern look, pin-straight long hair or a soft blow-out may be ideal. A wig that has a long, sleek hairstyle is versatile and works for most occasions. You may sport it for a formal event as well as wear it for a casual day out with friends.  

One of the biggest advantages of having a long, straight wig is that you can style it differently several times. You may use them for updos or style them into pin-straight hair, there’s a lot you can do with a long hair wig. Just make sure that you’re using good quality kes wigs to ensure an effortless style. 

Long waves  

If you’ve got pin-straight hair and want something different, opt for a wig with long, wavy hair. The waves and curls can add dimension and layers to your hairstyle. With good-quality synthetic wigs, you may also style them safely using non-heat curling options. You’ll get the perfect wavy hairstyle without having to use damaging heat treatments on your hair.  

Here are some useful tips on how to create stunning waves on your wig:

  • To style your wig, use soft twist curlers. 
  • Once you’ve placed the curlers, leave it overnight on the wig stand and it’ll be ready for use in the morning.
  • To ensure that the curls remain intact, apply some hair spray.
  • If you want to create a more formal look, add some intricately designed pins or other hair accessories. Stylish hair accessories work well since they complement the elegance of this hairstyle.

Clip-on bangs  

While a lot of celebrities have sported bangs, remember that it’s a hairstyle that requires commitment. Getting bangs on your natural hair means living with it for a few months or until your hair grows back again. However, if you’re not up for this kind of commitment yet want to sport bangs for a special occasion, use a wig.  

To create this look, you don’t need to buy a separate wig. You may use a wig you already have and just add clip-on bangs. You can also use clip-on bangs with your natural hair.  

Formal updos 

A classic French twist or a ballerina bun is versatile, classy, and practical. However, doing them with your natural hair can be quite difficult, especially if you’re doing it on your own. That’s why the addition of French hair accessories can make achieving these elegant styles much easier. In cases like this, consider using a synthetic wig or hair extensions.  

To create a formal updo on your wig, follow the steps below:

  • Start by sectioning the hair into three parts, one on either side and one at the back.
  • Wrap the back portion of the hair into a loose bun or a low ponytail.
  • Then place your bun on top of the ponytail or low bun and pin it up.
  • Now take the front sections of the hair and pin them over the bun and below.
  • Finally, you may use a wig spray to keep the hairstyle intact.  

Tips for creating different hairstyles with a wig 

One of the best things about getting yourself a wig is that you can try several different styles for as long as you want without damaging your hair or committing to one particular hairstyle.

However, before you go out and purchase one, it’s important to keep a few things in mind to ensure you get that perfect hairstyle.  

Below are a few tips that will help you style your wig. 

Customize your wig 

Though a wig can be worn right away, it’s always better to get it tailored according to your style. To do this, visit your hairstylist and get your wig customized according to your needs. You can get excess hair removed, thin out the hair, get bangs, or shorten the length, depending on your preferences. For a wide range of style options, consider exploring women’s synthetic wigs.

Think ahead  

The advantage of having a wig is that you can style your look way ahead of time and keep it ready for when you need it. This will help avoid any last-minute styling hiccups.

If you wear wigs daily, consider keeping two wigs so that you always have something ready. Also, alternating between two wigs can help extend your wig’s lifespan.  

Personalize your hairstyle  

Adding personal touches to your wig hairstyle in the form of hair accessories, bangs, or scarves can help your wig blend well with your overall look. These personal touches will make the wig look natural on you.

Take care of your wigs  

To extend the life of your wig and to keep it looking healthy and beautiful, make sure to take good care of your wig. You’ll need specific hair products meant especially for synthetic wigs or wigs made of real hair. 

Tone down the shine 

Most synthetic wigs have a very shiny surface that may look unnatural. To reduce the shine, sprinkle some hair powder on your wig and brush it for a more natural look.  

Wig are a great way to experiment with hair styles 

Wigs are not just used as a cover-up for baldness, but are now seen as a trend that’s being sported by many celebrities. Wigs are a great option if you want to try different hairstyles without harming your hair or without having to change your natural hairstyle.  

Synthetic wigs are stylish, convenient, affordable, and protect your natural hair from damages caused by over styling and coloring. With the right wig, you can sport any trendy hairstyle without harming your natural mane.