How to create a YouTube channel for your business

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet after Google. Because Google owns YouTube, they are by far the biggest search engine, and a page on both platforms ensures maximum reach.

If you own or manage a business, a YouTube channel would be an excellent way to produce more content for the firm. It would also be a fantastic way to earn more money from paid advertisers on the platform.

Luckily, creating a YouTube channel is relatively easy when you follow some basic steps.

Open the channel

I assume your business has a Gmail or Google account because if you don’t, you’ll need to create one. because you need a Gmail account in order to open a YouTube Channel. Opening a Google/Gmail account is easy enough, so we won’t cover it in detail here.

Once you have a Gmail account, you can open YouTube and click on the profile/account avatar. Click on ‘My Channel,’ and you will be presented with the open channel page.

You will then have the option to open a channel as an individual or as a business. Select ‘Use a business or other name’ then you will be prompted to choose a brand account name – the name of your business YouTube page.

Once you have creating your channel, it’s time to customize it.

Customize your YouTube channel

Customizing your YouTube channel is the fun part of creating one. You choose the channel art, your channel profile picture (in your case this will be your company logo) and write your ‘About’ section.

When customizing your channel, the rule of thumb should be to keep it simple. Write a short paragraph describing your business and include keywords that will help direct people to your channel.

You will be prompted to add various ways people can get in touch with your business, including your location and email. You can include any other links related to your business at this point. Don’t forget to create engaging YouTube banners to enhance the visual appeal of your channel.

Video to text transcription service

Customizing your YouTube channel will involve changing some of the settings. You want to select settings that are suitable for your business. Click the avatar/profile icon, which is probably your company logo, and choose ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu.

Among the settings options will be ‘Playback and Performance,’ where you can choose what happens with your videos. It is a good idea to include subtitles for your videos, which will require video transcription services. These services will turn your video’s audio into text, which you can use for subtitles or to turn the video into an article.

The transcription services will be particularly helpful if you have a blog. Disabled people, for example, deaf people, can watch your videos or read their text translations.   

You can also add managers for your YouTube channel at this stage.

Make your channel discoverable

Just because you have started a YouTube channel for your business does not mean people will automatically see your content. You need to make your channel discoverable.

If you want to get views and subscribers, you need to optimize your channel and videos for discovery. There are many ways to go about doing this. You can begin by optimizing your video titles. Make them appealing and catchy, and add the right keywords to ensure they rank high among search engine results.

You should also write enticing video descriptions that include keywords, and link to other playlists. Creating a table of contents with timestamps in your video is a great way to spice up video descriptions.

Adding tags is another way to reach viewers who are interested in your content. Avoid sounding like clickbait but use tags to help YouTube’s algorithm understand your content and direct viewers to your channel.

Once you have made your business YouTube channel and know how to make it discoverable, you are ready to upload your first video. You may need to invest in some equipment to record and upload your videos. Promoting your channel will also help attract audiences to your channel.