How to create a SaaS startup

Now more and more companies are thinking about creating their own SaaS project. Find out how to create your own SaaS company.

A SaaS startup is a great opportunity to make life easier for a large number of users, and the creator can get a good income from this. But what does it take to be a good startup?

Before starting your own business, you can ask for help from a company like or start developing the project yourself. To do this, you need to go through several steps.

Step-by-step instruction

Let’s move on to a detailed plan that will help you create a good SaaS project.

Find the right idea and the right team

Think carefully about the idea. You must know exactly what kind of project you want to create. Analyze your idea and decide on its rationality. Then you can start looking for a team.

In any case, it is very difficult to create a finished product and make it grow on its own. To do this, you need to assemble a great team – slowly but safely. Here is a guide from The New York Times on how to build small work teams, and here are the teams:

  • Operations Group
  • A team that specializes in a product
  • Development Team
  • Marketing team
  • Sales department
  • Customer Service Team

But what will you do until there are enough people to complete each task?

Getting help with third-party tools

The answer to the previous question is here. You need help with third-party tools because:

  • They are usually cheaper and faster than putting together a team from scratch;
  • They do not require additional development;
  • They can help you with tips, tricks, and diagrams.

And most tools currently do not require any level of technical knowledge. Just know how to move the mouse cursor around the screen and the tools will teach you the rest.

So you have two types of a team: your human team and your digital team. Now it’s time to dive into the market.

Find the right product

Remember that people don’t buy products. They buy experience and solutions. If you have a chatbot app, then in fact you are selling simple and instant communication.

Fill in the details

The rest of the process, before you start attracting clients, is to create

Building a tariff plan and testing it is perhaps the most important stage among all the stages before the launch, because any change can lead to a loss of people’s interest.

Next, we have UX/UI tests. Keeping up with the most popular UX/UI standards and creating a good customer experience and a good customer journey are important, but testing and making sure you’re on the right track before launch is even more important.

Use your network

Your first customers may not come directly from your community, but by announcing your product launch, you are sure to find people willing to try it out. Therefore, you should seek the help of entrepreneurs and founders to promote your product in their networks. It is also important to make profiles on social networks and platforms for the promotion.

Use online communities

Even if your network is the best source of help along the way, never underestimate the power of organic signups through social platforms.

So feel free to promote your product on many popular platforms like LinkedIn, Reddit, and more.

Draw a marketing plan for content and advertising

After an instant promotion, you must develop a long-term marketing strategy.

  • Content marketing
  • Product tests
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Indicative marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Joint marketing
  • Retargeting

Experiment with discounts/promotions

After you leave the Innovator phase and enter the Early Adopter and Initial Majority phases, you will have to do little more than “barely exist”. You should promote your launch discounts to attract customers who are not very confident but want to keep doing business with you because of the price.

The best part about these customers is that if you earn their trust and turn them into loyal customers, they will become natural promoters and talk about their products in their communities.

These simple steps will help you scale your project and bring it to the masses.