How to cope when you’re being bullied at work

Going to work five days a week can feel bad enough at times, but it’s almost unbearable when there’s someone at your workplace who is bullying or belittling you.

It’s something that happens too often and if it isn’t stamped out quickly it can lead to talented employees quitting jobs they once loved or to a culture that rewards or encourages bad behavior at the expense of the mental health of those actually working there.

But what can you do if you feel like you are on the receiving end of bullying behavior?

Talking about it will certainly help because there’s nothing worse in this situation than suppressing your feelings or allowing yourself to feel ashamed of what is happening to you, so confide in a family member, friend, colleague or therapist.

You also need to speak up for yourself straight away at work, because this can prevent it from happening again.

If you’re concerned about the stage where your allegations become serious, you need to be sure to have documented as much as you can of what has happened, especially if you have evidence in the form of written messages or witness statements.

These will help if further action is to be taken down the line, as will ensuring that you’ve reviewed any bullying policies your company might have. 

Follow these tips and hopefully your bullying nightmare, possibly at the hands of an office narcissist, in the workplace will be brought to a swift end. 

Photo by Engin Akyurt