How to complete your dissertation while being a mother

A dissertation, for most scholars, is nothing less than a child. However, this birthing often becomes challenging when you’re already raising your children.

But mothers are capable of more things than they can imagine! So, you can experience these beautiful things simultaneously if you follow some tips and stay motivated.

Moreover, support from family is a constant requirement for mothers working on their dissertations. Therefore, you can achieve your goal as a team with hard work and determination, keeping you inspired through your journey.  

In this article, we shall explore some helpful tips to help you stay focused and complete your dissertation in time, even when juggling it with motherhood.

Tips to balance parenting and academia

Our education system hardly caters to the needs of parent-scholars. This makes it difficult for mothers to balance the demands of thesis writing with motherhood. 

However, there’s no need to worry, as we have compiled a list of thesis-writing tips for busy moms. 

These tips will help you manage your time effectively and achieve your academic goals without neglecting your parental responsibilities—

Go for a topic that helps your career

Pursuing a Ph.D. program is a major undertaking that requires a significant investment of time, energy, and financial resources. 

Therefore, choosing a path that aligns with your future career plans and overall life purpose is crucial. 

If you’re interested in pursuing an academic career, completing a doctoral program in your field of interest would be a suitable option. 

Additionally, obtaining a PhD might be the best way forward if you desire to conduct or continue research in a particular field. 

Lastly, a doctoral degree could be a viable option if you prefer to work in an industry that requires analytical, research-based, and technical skills. 

Remember, a Ph.D. program is a rigorous academic pursuit and a significant investment in your future.

Do not skip writing

Make sure to write whenever and for as long as you can. 

It’s okay if you find it hard to focus sometimes and end up not writing anything. Just return to your computer regularly, and you will see the results. 

Therefore, no matter how many errands you have to run, make sure to write for at least one hour every day. This can help you stay connected to your research and the writing process

Moreover, you can write through timed intervals using a stop clock. You must find a secluded space in your home to write in. 

Also, stay focused on household chores such as cleaning the kitchen and play area or doing laundry. Just keep writing!

Use a color-coded calendar system

Balancing personal and professional life is essential for all scholars. It allows them to prioritize their commitments and avoid overextending themselves. 

One effective way to distinguish between the two is by creating a color-coded family calendar. This calendar can help you schedule specific hours for various activities, including errands, teaching, email, and dissertation work. 

By tracking drop-offs and pick-ups, you can also stay organized and focused. 

Moreover, this calendar allows you to commit to spending quality time with your family and friends without any distractions. 

While academia often encourages us to work non-stop, taking breaks and committing to spending time with loved ones is important. It helps you gain a fresh perspective and appreciate the time you spend with your family and partner.

Maintain the boundaries

Maintaining a schedule can help you identify areas where you may require assistance or need to decline commitments. 

Most academic pursuers, parents, and especially women find it difficult to decline requests or say “NO.”

Moreover, the pressure to perform familial duties and the fear of facing professional consequences overwhelm these scholars. 

Therefore, sometimes, it’s necessary to decline commitments. 

Joining a supportive community can alleviate this burden. You can connect with other graduate students who are also parents at your university, who can remind you that saying no is sometimes necessary and does not have to lead to embarrassment. 

This can enable you to complete your dissertation faster, allowing more time for your family and other important activities.

Take help from writing services

No matter what academic degree you’re pursuing, availing of writing services can help you find your rhythm and successfully finish your dissertation. 

Producing an outstanding dissertation necessitates a unique set of abilities. Sometimes, even the most hardworking students may find it challenging to achieve. 

It necessitates a combination of research and writing skills and a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

Most scholars are adept with their research skills and understanding parts of their scholarly goals. However, the writing part often turns out to be a challenge.

This is where dissertation writing service Ivory Research and other professional services come into play. 

These services are well-equipped with subject matter specialists who can guide you and help you in the writing part of a dissertation. You can share your research, hypothesis, and fieldwork with these professionals, and they can turn your work into words.

Give yourself breaks

It is important that you leave your home once in a while and give yourself breaks from the monotony and drudgery. 

When writing your thesis, you can consider working from a library or coffee shop nearby. This change of environment can help you focus on your work and give you some well-deserved time for yourself. 

Additionally, sometimes, you must consider leaving your child with your partner or family members to ensure you have quality time for yourself.

However, it is important to avoid feeling guilty about not being able to spend enough time with your children during these years. 

This kind of self-perpetuating thinking can be detrimental to both your self-esteem and your child’s mental health.

Find your balance

Despite all your efforts to balance the challenges of work, raising children, and personal life, you will always face failing moments. 

However, if you find yourself obsessing over achieving a perfect balance, you will lose your sense of accomplishment. Therefore, the mantra to maintain balance is to let go!

Keep believing in yourself and trust your family. When you give your best, you get the best results for you. Moreover, avoid comparing your academic life with fellow scholars who are free from the duties of parenting. Remember, each has their own clock, and your time alone can bring you the fruit of your labor.