How to come up with a business idea (that makes money)

Love the idea of running your own business, but no clue what you can do? Find out how our five-step IDEAS formula makes it easy to come up with a business idea that can make you money.

It’s one thing aspiring to start your own business. But coming up with the perfect business idea isn’t always easy. In fact, working out what you can actually make money doing can be very difficult.

The good news is that there’s no magic in coming up with a brilliant business idea that can make you money. You just need to follow a simple, five-step process we call IDEAS.


It’s the exact process we used to come up with the idea for Talented Ladies Club. And it’s how pretty much every successful entrepreneur we’ve spoken to found their inspiration too.

To find out what the IDEAS process is, and how you can use it starting today to come up with your own business idea, download our free workbook here.