How to clean your swimwear to keep it in perfect condition

Summer is right around the corner, and with one in eight Brits expecting to holiday three times this year, there’s no doubt that a sunny getaway is on the cards for many. 

Whether it’s one of the UK’s top travel locations, Spain, Greece, or Italy, or perhaps a luxury holiday in the Maldives or the Caribbean, there’s one thing that all holiday-goers must consider. 

Far too often, swimwear is neglected when it comes to holiday laundry – yet warm, damp swimwear can become a breeding ground for bacteria, and even mould. 

With this in mind, the experts at Lounge have shared their top tips on how to wash and care for your swimwear to keep it in the best condition possible.

Rinse your swimsuit after every wear

After you’ve worn your bikini or swimsuit, you should always rinse it to remove any chlorine or salt water, and to avoid any lingering smells. Rinsing in cold water works best, and prevents any mis-shaping or colours fading. 

Dry your bikini naturally

Allow your swimsuit to air-dry naturally, avoiding direct sunlight which could lead to the colours fading. Avoid drying your swimsuit in a tumble dryer as the high heat levels could damage the elasticity and the fit of the piece. 

Deep clean your costume after a few wears

Each swimsuit will come with its own wash guidance, and it’s important that you follow this to maintain its quality – some, for example, can be washed in the washing machine (on a delicate cycle), whereas others must be washed by hand.

For the most part, washing by hand is better when it comes to swimsuits as it’s much gentler and will increase its longevity. You should follow this process after every three or four wears where possible. 

Treat any stains first, such as any marks from suncream or spilled drinks. You should then wash the suit by submerging it in water with a small amount of laundry detergent, followed by squeezing out any excess water when satisfied that the piece is clean. 

Squeeze, don’t wring out your swimwear

Wringing out your swimwear could cause serious stretching and cause the piece to no longer fit you properly. Be sure to only squeeze the water out, and pat dry. Then leave it to air dry fully before re-wearing it. 

Following these top tips should keep your swimwear in good condition, but what are the absolute no-no’s when it comes to holiday hygiene? 

Don’t leave your swimsuit lingering in the laundry basket

Leaving your damp swimsuit in the laundry basket is pretty much asking for trouble. Bacteria thrives in warm, damp environments, and your swimwear could become a breeding ground for unwanted visitors, such as mould or silverfish which can destroy your clothes. 

Be sure to at the very least rinse your suit and leave it to air-dry once you’ve returned from the pool or beach.

Don’t wear your best swimwear in the hot tub

Whilst hot tubs may be relaxing, they can be terrible for your swimwear. If you’ve invested in some cute new pieces for your holiday, you may want to bring a back up option if you plan on going in a hot tub, as the heat and chemicals can cause the colours to fade, and damage the elasticity of your swimwear. 

Apply your suncream 30 minutes before your bikini

We should all be wearing SPF every single day, however this is amplified when on a sunny holiday – sun protection should be your number one priority to ensure you can swim and sunbathe with minimal risks. Suncream does however cause tricky-to-budge stains, so you should always apply it 30 or-so minutes before you put your swimwear on. 

Extend your swimwear’s holiday season

Whether you’re someone who prefers reading their book by the pool, or snorkelling with the local sea life, taking care of your swimwear is easy to do in a few simple steps, allowing you to keep it for longer and show it off on many holidays to come!