How to choose the right large poly mailers for your e-commerce business

The specific needs of clients and the availability of cost-effective shipping solutions are essential for business.

Designers often use poly mailers for online retailers due to their known durability and lightweight properties. However, selecting the size and style of a large plastic mailer for e-commerce is not as simple as it seems. This involves several factors, including the materials in use and the available style choices for customers. This guide will assist you in learning the entire process of buying the right poly mailers for your business.

Understanding poly mailers

As the name suggests, large poly mailers are crafted from plastic shipping bags and materials designed to safeguard items from damage during shipping. They are constructed using polyethylene, which is featured with the qualities of tear and moisture resistance. There are many different sizes of mailers with different thicknesses, and they are usually utilized for non-ripped items like clothing and soft products.

Advantages of poly mailers

  • Cost-Effective: The first benefit is that custom poly mailers are often less expensive than the boxes themselves and the shipping costs that are associated with the lightweight nature of the mailer.
  • Durability: They are resistant to water, mud, and attempts at tampering thus ensuring that contents are not lost on the way.
  • Space-saving: Poly bags have the advantage that they are flat and can be stacked easily in bulk while occupying less space as compared to using boxes.
  • Versatility: Clothing and soft goods are a perfect field of application for that.

Guidelines for choosing large poly mailers

Size and capacity

You should measure your items and select the right size for them to prevent over-packing that might cause your items to move around and get damaged. Take measurements of any products to indicate the size required. Large poly mailers can vary in size from 14” to 40”, with common dimensions ranging from 24” x 24” to 19” x 5”.

Material thickness

Several poly mailers are available in the market in different thicknesses; the thickness is measured in mils. The most common thicknesses include 2 mils and 2. It embraced the coverage of 5 mil and 3 mil. A thicker mailer also means the mailer is stronger and difficult to penetrate or puncture. If packing an item that is large or broad then one should choose a thicker mailer card to offer more cushion and hence better protection.

Closure type

The most popular one is the self-stick adhesive strip that easily and quickly adheres and seals. Some of the most common types are self-sealing adhesive strips, which offer ease of application and strength of the seal. Mailers with a security statement seal are also recommended in case one wants additional security whereby these mailers show clear evidence of whether the mailer has been opened or not.

Customization options

The brand is an important component in an e-commerce transaction. Poly mailers with your company logo, corporate colors, or personalized designs can better communicate your brand identity and present a higher quality media. Many suppliers offer custom printouts for mailers and the customer has the option of choosing these to ensure that the mailers reflect their brand.


Different consumers have placed greater concern on using sustainable packaging strategies. Choose poly mailers made from recycled materials or those that would be suitable as recycling materials. Certain firms produce or point out biodegradable or compostable pouches that may attract conscious customers as well as support the sustainable image of the brand.

Price and supply risk

As for the standard poly mailer dimensions, they are relatively inexpensive; however, more options (for dimensions, thickness, and customization) may affect pricing. It is therefore advisable to let cost be on the one hand and quality on the other so that you get a quality hard-wearing product that would serve you better.

There are many companies available these days and the buyer should research the suppliers well taking into consideration their reputation and the satisfaction rate of the existing customers. E-commerce businesses rely on the fact that reliable suppliers can offer a high-quality product in a timely and prevent disruptions to the supply chain.

Quantity and storage

When buying poly mailers in bulk, take into consideration the amount of available space. Although they are space-saving in comparison with boxes, the storage space of large volumes becomes significant. Determine the average number of gallons shipped per month to estimate the number of mailers that will need to be stored at any time.

Types of poly mailers

Standard poly mailers

These are the standard ones and the most common being admissible for several things. These mailers typically come in white or gray colors and are valued for their versatility.

Bubble poly mailers

Bubble envelopes are favored for items requiring extra care, as their centers are lined with bubbles to protect the contents from shocks. They are ideal for shipping electronics, books, or delicate items prone to damage.

Expansion poly mailers

These mailers have gussets, which are additional sides on certain mailers that expand when filled so that if the customer wants to send a bulky item more than what is initially accommodated, it can still go through the mail. They are useful for delivering bulky items such as shoes and thick clothes, as well as delivering sets in one package.

The use of large poly mailers

Proper packing

Ideally, mailers should be folded to ensure each item is adequately protected inside. Wrap porcelain figures in bubble wrap or tissue paper if they may shift or move inside the box. Cut a piece of sealing material to fit the long side of the mailer and affix it to the top part from the side using the adhesive strip provided by the manufacturer. If necessary, reinforce the mailer with packaging tape.


This is why clear and right labeling is very important in delivering correct products. If barcodes are not available, packaging labels must be visible and flat on the mailer, and barcodes must be readable. For custom-printed mailers, the design should not cover the shipper’s labeling areas where PostNet and postal bar codes are to be printed.


Order different eco poly mailers from various providers and test them with your products before placing a large order. It is also advisable to verify whether the case is durable, packable, and aesthetically pleasing. This helps ensure that the process of identifying suitable mailers has occurred, meeting expectations regarding the mailers’ ability to withstand the shipping process.

Key considerations for labeling poly mailers

Label PlacementEnsure the label is flat and secure on the poly mailer.Place the label on the largest, flattest surface to avoid folds or wrinkles.
ReadabilityLabels must be clear and easily readable, especially barcodes and addresses.Use a high-quality printer and ensure no text or codes are obstructed.
Adhesive QualityLabels should stick well to the poly mailer without peeling off.Use strong adhesive labels designed for plastic surfaces.
Size of the LabelLabels should be appropriately sized for the poly mailer.Choose a label size that fits well and doesn’t cover critical information or design elements.
DurabilityLabels must withstand handling, moisture, and temperature changes.Use weatherproof and tear-resistant labels.
Branding IntegrationEnsure the label design doesn’t clash with custom-printed mailers.Position the label to complement the design, not obscure key branding elements.
ComplianceLabels should meet postal service requirements.Verify size and information requirements with your shipping carrier.
Information AccuracyLabels must contain accurate shipping information.Double-check addresses, barcodes, and other details before printing.
Labeling ToolsUse appropriate tools for applying labels to ensure a smooth process.Consider label dispensers or applicators for efficiency.
Test Before UseTest labels on a few mailers to ensure they adhere well and remain legible.Conduct a trial run to check adhesion, durability, and readability.

Choose the right poly mailers

Choosing the best large poly mailer bags depends on factors such as size, thickness, closure type, customization options, eco-friendliness, pricing, and supplier reliability. It’s crucial to consider the unique requirements of your brand and select mailers that meet these needs while providing the necessary protection for your products and enhancing the customer experience.

Investing time in selecting the best poly mailers is essential for e-commerce entrepreneurs, as it can lead to cost savings, increased revenue, improved customer experience, and efficient shipping coordination, all crucial for business success.