How to choose the right glasses to suit your face shape

Picking out a new pair of glasses is a great way to try something new and change up your look. Knowing which ones will suit you, however, is another story altogether.

This rings particularly true if you want to buy your glasses online in order to save both money and time. Rather than going in blind, so to speak, it’s well worth looking into what type of glasses not only suit your appearance but also complement your face shape down to a T. 

Round faces

If your face has a circular appearance with very little definition in the chin and cheeks, then you have a round face. Those with this face shape are blessed with a youthful, fresh appearance that works well with rectangular glasses.

Why? This style contours the face, making it appear sharper and more narrow rather than emphasising the natural roundness, resulting in a more balanced appearance. 

Square faces

With angular features and an enviably strong jawline, square faces have a forehead that is equally as broad as their chin and cheeks. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are great examples of celebrities with this face shape, should you need someone to compare your face to.

There is a myriad of choices for this face shape, although you should avoid square glasses as they look overly sharp. Soften this shape without taking away from that jawline with round or oval glasses. Not a fan of this unique style? Stick with classic aviators. 


Those with an oval face shape are in luck, as most styles suit this face shape. If you have an oval face shape, you should find that your forehead is wider than your chin with pronounced cheeks.

The Queen of pop, Beyonce, is a celebrity with this face shape, and she pulls off a myriad of different styles of glasses. Basically, you’re incredibly lucky to rock pretty much any style you want, although you should avoid narrow styles to avoid lengthening the face.


If your face is comparable to an inverted triangle – a broad forehead, narrow tapered chin and defined cheekbones – then you likely have a heart-shaped face.

Similarly to an oval, you can pull off practically any style of eyeglass frames if you have this face shape. Avoid super-wide frames and opt for oval glasses if you want to complement your face, although most styles will look great on you. 


As the name suggests, a triangle face shape is one that starts with a wide jaw and slims up towards the forehead. You can add width to the narrow upper part of the face with some strong glasses with a thick frame along the brow, such as the famous Clubmaster style.

If you don’t mind standing out from the crowd with a unique pair of specs, choose a classic cateye. Radiating vintage glamour, they’re the perfect choice for a lady looking to complement their triangle face shape while maintaining a level of fashionable flair. 


Like those with a square face, rectangular face shapes feature a strong jawline and angular cheeks. The main difference is that it is longer than it is wide and the forehead is just as wide as the jaw.

For this shape, opt for square frames with thick frames and slightly rounded corners. This will help soften your face while showing off your jawline – a look that many want to achieve. 

Photo by Susan Duran