How to choose the right custody lawyer

Diamonds may be forever, but sadly not every marriage lasts the distance. Indeed, a study of over two million marriages in the US in 2017 discovered that over 35% ended in divorce.

And the stress of divorce gets more complicated when you add child custody battles into the mix. Deciding on whose custody the children should be is probably the most difficult and most stressful part of a separated relationship.

To help you handle this issue, here are three of the most important considerations you need to take into account when choosing a custody lawyer.

1) Seek advice and referrals 

Before starting your search for custody lawyers, ask friends and family if they have any recommendations and advice.

Honest, firsthand reviews are invaluable when trying to find the right lawyer. If you don’t know anyone who has gone through a similar situation or can recommend a good lawyer, then your next step might be to look online. But remember to check their testimonials and reviews.

2) Consider their field of expertise

Before hiring a lawyer, consider their field of expertise. Make sure they specialise in family law, and specifically in child custody cases.

It’s obvious that a child custody lawyer would be a better choice than a taxation lawyer, for example. Child custody lawyers like Foster LLP (based in Calgary) have years of experience in many complex child custody cases, and are more likely to help you achieve a favourable income.

3) Take into account their experience

Finally, take into account the lawyer’s previous experience. A child custody lawyer Orange County with more experience and an excellent reputation may charge a higher fee compared to their less experienced counterparts.

But in important situations such as deciding the custody of your child, compromising quality of service and experience to save money isn’t advisable. That said, hiring an experienced lawyer shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive; there are many good lawyers who charge reasonable fees

Photo by Steven Van Loy