How to choose the perfect sofa – six styles to choose from

Need a new sofa but not sure what to buy? Here are six styles to choose from in your quest for the perfect sofa.

After a long workday is there anything better than getting home, kicking off your shoes and putting your feet up? One of the simplest pleasures in life, making time to chill out after work helps you wind down and process the day.

Of course, having somewhere comfortable and cosy is paramount to being able to relax. Finding the right sofa to fit your home, not to mention your lifestyle, doesn’t have to be a chore.

How to choose the perfect sofa – six styles to choose from

We’ve pulled together a few sofa styles, along with a few styling tips to help you create a snug place where you can wind down.

1) Create a calming environment with a modern design

If you like a clean, calming feel to your interior décor, then you’ll want to keep the lines sleek and the colours cool. A more modern style of sofa fits best with this aesthetic. And if you want to give the impression of openness and space, choose one that has legs.

Sleek and minimal doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your accessories. Follow the Scandi trend with some colourful cushions or a bold and bright feature canvas to add some playfulness to the room.

2) Keep your space compact with a snuggler

Instead of adding an armchair to complement your sofa, update the look with a snuggler. This is a cosy piece of furniture halfway between a sofa and an armchair – meaning there’s room for two to snuggle, or plenty of space for one person to spread out.

Not sure what’s going to work for you? Laura Ashley’s Snuggler Lookbook will help you find the perfect snuggler for your space.

3) Add warmth with country cottage textures

Country cottage may not seem like an immediately obvious choice, but this style is the embodiment of warm and cosy – it’s all about classic prints and charming colours.

Opt for this in a sofa style, teamed with plush cushions and clean lines, and it will instantly make any room warm and inviting. Increase the comfort factor by choosing textured cushions, and drape a blanket or two over the arm of the sofa so it’s in easy reach for snuggling!

4) Opt for shabby chic style with a chaise longue

Shabby chic has grown in popularity over the years thanks to its laid back, effortlessly stylish feel. Mixing vintage furniture and accessories with opulent fabrics and muted, pastel colours is key to achieving this look.

To carry off this style you need a classically styled sofa. A chaise longue is perfect – even better if it’s vintage and velvet!

5) Go urban modern with a chesterfield

Urban modern is a style most often seen in elegant townhouses; a wonderful mix of modern and traditional. If you’re aiming for this look, a classic sofa style is the one for you.

Go for a timeless design such as camelback or chesterfield sofas. You can get away with bold fabric choices with this look, and tie it together by choosing more neutral cushions and accessories.

Six tips to choose the right sofa

Whatever style of sofa you opt for, here are six tips to help you pick the right model:

  1. Try it – if you can, sit on your sofa before you buy it. Otherwise you may choose one that ticks all the right aesthetic boxes, but is rock hard and never feels comfortable.
  2. Check the frame – as beautiful as a sofa may be, if it’s not solidly constructed it won’t last long (especially with kids in the house)! As a rough guide, hardwood = good and metal or plastic = bad.
  3. Measure up – the last thing you want is for your expensive new sofa to arrive… and not fit your living room (or worse – through your front door). So always measure before you purchase.
  4. Ask for a swatch – if your new sofa needs to fit in with the rest of your decor, ask for a swatch of the material before you commit, and make sure it complements it.
  5. Investigate fillings – as wonderful as it is to sink into a plump goose down cushion, that cushion can soon clump and require constant fluffing. So choose your fillings carefully.
  6. Pick your fabric carefully – with kids in the house, you need to choose fabrics carefully too. Cotton and linen are hard wearing but aren’t easy to clean. And try to steer clear of white!

What’s your favourite style of sofa?

Choosing the perfect sofa for your space, use or style shouldn’t be difficult. Hopefully we’ve armed you with some food for thought, that’ll help you with your decision making. There’s a suitable sofa out there, just right for you!

Photo by Annie Spratt