How to choose the perfect location for a food truck business

In the US, revenue from the food truck industry is over 1 billion dollars, making it an attractive business to invest in.

And, according to information at, there has been an increase of over 12% in the truck business for tourists, which means that the business is here to stay.

Since the recent boom in food trucks, food truck owners have started to get more strategic about where they park their trucks. And, with increasing regulations and more trucks competing for business, deciding where you should park your truck can be a tough decision. 

Some of the things you need to consider when choosing the perfect location for your food truck business are:

  • What fees or permits are required.
  • Whether the space is large enough.
  • If there is enough foot traffic to ensure that you make enough sales.

Beyond these considerations, here are some ideas for the perfect location for your food truck business.

1) Food truck parks

Some cities have park settings downtown for food tricks. And, when set up in a group, food trucks can attract bigger crowds and more attention. They also work together to promote the general park area, as well as their own individual businesses. This means you could pick up business from another truck’s good reputation or marketing.

The downside is that, with so many trucks to choose from, there’s more competition for business. To overcome this, you’ll need to ensure you offer something unique – whether it’s a type of cuisine, way of serving it or just exceptional quality.

2) Farmers markets

Another place you’ll find plenty of footfall – and hungry customers – is at farmers markets. Some farmers markets are year-round whereas others are seasonal – from spring to fall. You may find that weekends are better business-wise too.

It’s a good idea to test out different farmers markets before choosing the one(s) that are the best fit for you. Healthier food tends to do well and farmers markets, especially organic, responsibly produced or specialty items.

 3) Business districts

Downtown businesses or areas and financial districts are usually the best locations to set up a food truck. You’ll get a LOT of hungry footfall during lunch hours, and hopefully some after work business too.

Downtown locations are better on working days, and try to locate your food truck somewhere with plenty of footfall for passing trade. If you’re close to shops or offices, workers will be able to eat while on the run.

These locations can be very competitive and you will want to arrive early. Make sure too that you are up to date with your permits and licenses when choosing these busy locations.

 4) Gas stations

When setting up a food truck business at a gas station, you’ll obviously need the owner’s permission. And, if the gas station already has a fully equipped convenience store, they might not want competition from you. 

But if it is just a gas station selling gas, a few snacks and drinks, you might be lucky. If the gas station is near a town or industrial estate, you can pick up business from workers who visit it in their lunch hour, or passing trade filling up with gas.

You never know, the gas station owner might be happy at the extra traffic your food truck attracts!

If you go for gas stations which are off highways and interstates, you’ll be able to reach both travelers and tourists.