How to choose the best sunglasses for driving

If you drive often, then it’s not just wise but essential you have a pair of sunglasses in your car. Here’s a selection to choose from.

Whether you are driving to work or on a leisurely road trip, the best drives are accompanied by the right equipment. For many of us, that means a comfy seat, working air conditioning, driving sunglasses, and a tank full of gas. Missing any one of these can have you stressing until you get to your destination. 

It can sometimes be even dangerous, especially when it comes to sunglasses. Driving towards the sun or on a particularly clear day can have you squinting and unable to see what is on the road up ahead. Which is why driving sunglasses are essential for any glove compartment.

What are driving sunglasses?

Whether you are up when the sun is rising, or on the roads as the sun is setting, trying to navigate the roads with the sun interfering can not only be annoying, but dangerous. This can be even more so if you consider the state of your eyes when the sun is most likely to be in your eyes.

Think about it. It is early in the morning and you are just starting to wake up for the day, but the sun is shining right through the glass into your eyes. Not only do you have sleepy eyes, but now you have trouble seeing the road!

The same goes for trying to drive in the evening. You are probably tired from your long day, ready for some rest. And the late afternoon sun shining in your eyes really does not help.

Driving sunglasses are designed to provide your pupils relief as your car faces the sun as it rises, sets, or simply on a sunny day. They can help make seeing the road significantly easier, ensuring you get to your destination safely. 

Let’s consider some of the best driving sunglasses options.

ATTCL men’s driving polarized sunglasses

Not all sunglasses are designed for driving on sunny days. This is why it’s important that you make sure the pair you are purchasing are designed with driving in mind.

These particular sunglasses are great because they come in that classic aviator style we all know and love. They come in many colors and are budget-friendly. But the really cool part is they will protect your eyes from UV rays, regardless of what the weather is like that day.

DUCO Shades classic polarized sunglasses

If you want something a bit more glamorous, then these are the perfect shades for you. They have a fabulously feminine style with the big bug-eye lenses that make you feel like an A-list celebrity.

Their frames are made of tough plastic synthetics and copper alloy hinge, which makes them virtually indestructible. But why do we love them for driving? They have UV400 protection which provides a great high level of protection.

Macklin Wayfarer driving sunglasses

If the DUCO shades are a bit too glamorous for your style then these Macklin shades may be more your speed. They come in classic colors like turtle shell and have that perfect Wayfarer shape that you know will go with any outfit.

They provide the most perfect level of protection so you know you can rely on them whether you are driving kids to school or lounging on the beach. 

Costa’s Del Mar Collection – Costa Aranas

If you love waking up early in the morning to go surfing or driving the coast, then these are going to be the perfect glasses for you.

They are the surfer’s perfect pair of shades and have all the great features. Like 580 polarized lenses that can help eliminate UV light and any glares that may pop up. They have large lenses that ensure you have full coverage but you also have the option to make the lenses prescription if your eyes have specific needs.

Raen Pierce

If you like something a bit different and bold then these sunglasses will sure stand out. They have fun, see-through frames that give a bit of personality to your look.

These ones in particular ones have CR-39 lenses by Carl Zeiss Vision, so you know that your eyes will be protected from any harmful rays you come across. They are a bit on the high-end when it comes to price, but really, what is protecting your eyes worth to you?

Ray-Ban RB3183 sunglasses

If you are more of a sporty type, these sunglasses can be a great fit. Not only are they perfect for driving, but you can easily use them from the driver’s seat to the bike trails to a hike in a National Park. They have a minimal design which makes them fuss-free. They also provide polarized lenses, so you know your eyes will be protected from any UV rays that come at you. 

The only thing you should be aware of is the price range can be from mid to upper rates. However you will get so much use out of these, that hwe think you’ll find them worth the investment.

RIVBOS polarized driving punglasses

Maybe you aren’t sporty, but definitely need some driving glasses that will be sturdy enough to keep up with your active lifestyle. If that sounds like you then these are ideally going to be the perfect pair. They are not only designed for driving, but for those of us who are always on the go.

These sunglasses are super lightweight, mirror-coated, and TAC polarized. This means they can protect against UVA, UVB, UVC, and blue light. What else is left?! These sunglasses have a lifetime service warranty which means they are your new forever protection glasses.

Which sunglasses will you choose for safer driving?

So now that you realize how many great options there are out there, you can find the perfect paid for you! And not only will you look good, but you’ll keep yourself and everyone out there on the roads safe by protecting your eyes as you drive.

Driving into the sun is going to be inevitable for any busy person, so make sure you have the proper equipment needed to get your job done efficiently and effectively.