How to choose the best sleeper sofa

Looking for a new sleeper sofa for your home? Here are four things you need to consider when picking the right one.

There are several concessions you will have to make for the space of your living room when you live in an urban metropolis. And one of these is carefully considering the size and purpose of each piece of furniture.

One multi-use item of furniture that really comes into its own in this situation is a sleeper sofa, or commonly known as a sofa bed. As suggested by the name, this functional furniture is great as the area where you lounge, and doubles up as your sleeping surface in the night. 

Because of its significance, it’s important that you choose the best sleeper sofa for your specific needs. A great sleeper sofa has to be comfortable, in the right size and within your budget.

There are several crucial components that you should not miss out when you are shopping around for a sleeper sofa, to help you pick the right one. To help you do so, here are four things you need to consider.

1) The type of sleeper sofa

First and foremost, you need to understand the different types of sofa beds. You will usually come across these few types, namely sectional sleeper sofa, pull-out sleeper sofa and futon sleeper sofa. 

Sectional sleeper sofas allow you to make adjustments to your desired configuration, while you can easily converted the inner mattress of a pull-out sleeper sofa to a flat surface. Futon is one of the most convenient items because you can simply get a sleeping surface by pushing its backrest downwards. However, it often lacks the support and low durability.

2) The size of your sofa bed

The size of your sleeper sofa will be dependent on the available space in your home. You may choose a smaller-sized sofa if you intend to purchase a sofa bed that sufficiently accommodates one guest at a time. 

If you have ample space available, you can afford something bigger. Nowadays, it is no longer a difficult task to look for full-sized or queen-sized sleeper sofa, and these can definitely cater to at least 3 individuals.

3) The material of the upholstery

You will come in contact with the upholstery of a sofa bed, so the texture is crucial if you want to choose the most comfortable sleeper sofa available.

Some of the most suitable materials are linen and cotton because these will not cause any discomfort as they are not abrasive. These smooth surfaces feel soft to the touch, and their cooling property is also nice in warmer weather.

Your space will also benefit from the modern, sleek look of genuine leather and faux leather materials. They are equally smooth to the touch, but nether material is good when the temperature starts to rise, as it is less breathable. 

Velvet upholstery remains one of the favourites. It gives your sofa bed a luxurious softness, though it is not as breathable as cotton. This luxurious, velvety upholstery is also quite challenging to clean and maintain.

4) The types mattress on your sleeper sofa

You will find a few types of mattresses when you start researching sofa beds. The most common ones are innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses and air coil mattresses.

The innerspring mattresses are easily the most accessible mattress you can find on the market. This affordable option comes with a welcoming bounce to increase your comfort level when you are resting on this particular sleeping surface.

Memory foam mattresses are generally more comfortable and more costly compared to innerspring. The mattress will contour your body curves to relieve your pressure points and keep you cool with their ability to regulate the temperature.

Air coil mattresses have incorporated the technology of innerspring and air bed which results in the best of both worlds – you will feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. This type of mattress has been inevitably comfortable because air mattress has covered the supportive coils.

What’s the best sleeper sofa for you?

The best sleeper sofa for you will be the one that fits all your requirements and budget. – plus your personal preference.

Before you make your purchase, there are two final questions you need to ask yourself: “Where will I put the sofa bed?” and “’What will I use it for mostly?” How you plan on using the furniture will help you to decide on which sofa bed you should get.

Photo by Toa Heftiba