How to choose a suitable company car

Need a new company car? here are some of the considerations to weigh up when choosing a suitable one.

If your company has given you an allowance to purchase a company car, you’ll need something that does more than just get you from A to B. Here’s what to look for when buying a company car.

Low emissions to keep the costs down

A car with low emissions is cheaper to run and more environmentally friendly. Cars that are environmentally friendly have to pay less road tax due to them not causing as many emissions, so you’ll want to consider an eco-car where possible, especially if you will be driving around cities. 

Consider a car that has low fuel consumption as this is where most of your money will end up going. Ask the used car seller or dealership how many miles the car can drive on a full tank of fuel, this way you can gage a calculation of how much it will cost you to get to and from work each day.

Something that will suit your career and lifestyle

If you have a busy and active lifestyle, not only at work but around it, you’ll want a car that can keep up. For example, those who travel long distances on their weekends off and go rock climbing or mountain walking will need a car that can handle a bit of mud and milage.

If you get your shopping delivered straight to your door and don’t really drive outside of work, then you might be able to treat yourself to something that’s a bit prettier and delicate. 

Consider what journeys you’re going on for work purposes

Do you end up with a car full of heavy boxes and spare parts to transport from one factory to the next? If so, you’ll probably want something robust and hardy. Or do you show potential tenants around at new properties? You’ll want an easy-to-clean, glamorous vehicle that reflects the properties you’re trying to sell. 

If you end up buying a mini or two-seat convertible and find yourself smothered with boxes upon boxes of stock, then you’ll probably want to rethink. 

Will your needs change over the years?

Are you likely to be starting a family soon? Are your parents aging and will they eventually need help with their weekly shop? 

You’ll want a car that can adapt and grow as you do. Something that is reliable and hardy, spacious and comfortable. If you use your car to take staycations with your family then you’ll want something that your children can relax in over long distances.