How to change your career in mid-life to become a real estate broker

Ever feel like you’re in the wrong movie scene, playing out a career that just doesn’t scream ‘you’ anymore?

If your script calls for a plot twist and the world of real estate has caught your eye, then listen up. We’re here to lay down a roadmap that’ll navigate you from where you are now to owning that broker title – no previous property experience necessary.

Seven steps to changing your career and becoming a broker

Embarking on a new career path as a real estate broker in mid-life? Here are seven steps to pivot with purpose and build your empire in the housing market jungle. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Assess your why 

Before you toss your current gig aside for the siren call of selling homes, take a beat and ponder your motivations. What’s tugging at your heartstrings, making you want to swap Excel spreadsheets, a construction hammer, or your nursing career for open house signs? 

Maybe it’s the promise of big paydays or craving the freedom to set your own hours that has you starry-eyed. It’s critical to ensure that dream isn’t just a fleeting fancy but something with enough juice to fuel those late-night study sessions and early-morning client calls for a long while. 

Step 2: Take s state-approved real estate agent course

Before you take a broker pre-licensing course, you’ve got to start at square one: the real estate agent course. Trust us, it’s mandatory. No bending rules or wiggling around this one. These courses cover legal stuff, negotiation, and all the property prowess one needs in one’s arsenal.

Ace this bad boy, and you’re not just talking. Suddenly, you’re walking the walk toward those shiny open-house signs and dreamy commission checks. And once you’re done with the course, you’ll take the exam. Pass that, and you can start your journey to broker stardom! 

Step 3: Work as a real estate agent under a broker for two to five years

You’ve got your license to kill it in real estate—figuratively speaking, of course. But before you can stand tall as a broker, there’s another mountain to climb: working as an agent under the watchful eyes of an established broker. This isn’t just any stint; we’re talking a solid 2-to-5-years.

During this time, you’ll learn the ropes to the point that scribbling contracts and charming clients become second nature. Think of it like a mentorship—absorb wisdom, dodge pitfalls, and build a repertoire of skills that’ll serve you big-time when you finally step up to bat as the head honcho.

Step 4: Get real estate certifications to focus your brokerage 

While you’re learning the ropes under a seasoned broker, don’t snooze on beefing up your resume with certificates! These shiny badges of honor aren’t just there to make your LinkedIn profile look snazzy. They’ll fine-tune your expertise and give your future brokerage an edge. 

Want to be known as the condo queen or the commercial property king? Certifications can help carve out that niche and give you a head start as a broker. So keep one eye on deals and another on those specialist courses that can catapult you from rookie to real estate guru.

Step 5: Gain experience without quitting your day job

Diving headlong into a real estate career doesn’t mean you’ve gotta ditch the day job straight away. Play it smart by dipping your toes in the water first. Bag some experience on the side—think evenings and weekends hustling as an intern or assistant to a property pro.

This way, you balance paying the bills while gaining invaluable hands-on know-how in your future field. You can learn all those trade secrets without bailing on your regular income. It’s like having your cake and eating it too, except replace the ‘cake’ with ‘real estate savvy.’

Step 6: Make connections – network like you mean it

In the real estate business, who you know can be just as crucial as what you know. Pump up your Rolodex by diving into networking with gusto. Slide into local industry meet-ups, chat up pros at seminars and webinars, and join the virtual gabfest on real estate forums on social media. 

Work those connections like a pro—handshakes, business cards (or LinkedIn requests), and genuine chit-chat are your currency here. By weaving a web of relationships with industry hotshots, you’re not just building friendships—you’re crafting an invaluable support system!

Step 7: Hit the classroom again to become a broker (virtual or real)

Alright, you’ve had a taste of the game and are ready to level up from agent to broker. Guess what? It’s time to dive back into the classroom because knowledge is kind of a big deal in this league. And you can’t become a broker without getting your broker license anyway!

Whether you’re cozying up with a cup of joe for online classes or taking notes furiously in a real-world setting, these courses will kit you out with the deeper insights required to handle your own shop. And once you pass your course, you can finally open up for businesses! 

Ready to become a real estate broker?

So there you have it, your blueprint to brokerage brilliance! You’ve peered behind the curtain and seen what it takes to turn that mid-life career switch into a dynamite success in real estate. Remember, the only one who can jump start this new chapter is you. Armed with determination and these steps, there’s nothing stopping you from becoming the go-to broker in town.