How to buy a watch for your teenager

Looking for a special birthday or Christmas gift for you teenager? Find out how to choose them a watch they’ll love.

When it comes to buying a watch for your teenager, there are so many ways you can go wrong. The style. The size. The brand. The colour. The type. Let’s face it, teenagers aren’t often easy to please at the best of times, but buying a significant purchase, one they’ll wear every day, with every outfit can be a dangerous task.

So what do you do when they have a significant birthday? Or you just want to get them a special gift for their birthday, Christmas or to celebrate an occasion like passing their exams?

If you’ve decided to get them a watch but don’t know where to start, we’ve put together this quick guide to buying the best watch for teenagers.

What type of watch should you buy?

The first decision you need to make is what type of watch to get your teenager. A smart watch? Classic analogue? Old school digital? The answer to this dilemma partly depends on your teen.

Are they a retro vintage lover? Do they embrace new tech? Are they someone who values and looks after beautiful things?

The safest bet, if you’re not sure of your teenager’s style is a smart watch. But this tech is likely to date fast. So if you’re looking for a special gift they’ll still wear and appreciate more than two years for now, it’s better to choose a high quality, stylish more classic watch.

What style of watch should you buy?

Obviously the style of watch you buy will depend on several things, not least your teenager’s own taste and their interests and hobbies. Here’s a quick run down of some of the watch styles you can choose:

  • Automatic watches.
  • Quartz watches.
  • Solar-Powered watches.
  • Dress watches.
  • Chronograph watches.
  • Dive watches.

Is your teenager sporty? If so they’ll probably appreciate a watch that is waterproof and scratch resistant. Buy them a classic that requires careful handling and it won’t last long.

And don’t just think about the functionality and workings of a watch: what it looks like matters a LOT to a teenager too. If you want to be safe, choose a brand that is well known and popular with teenagers, rather than looking for a brand that you know well.

There are many brands today that appeal to teenagers and you’ll be safe choosing a watch from their range. If you’re stuck, find out what style and brands the celebrities and influencers they look up to wear. It’s fairly safe ground to shop a watch endorsed by someone whose style they already emulate.

What’s your budget?

Think about your budget too. If you’re buying a special present for their 18th birthday – one you hope they’ll treasure for years – you’ll probably want to spend a bit more on it. You’ll also look for a brand and model they won’t just like in their fickle teenage years, but possibly love and look after for decades.

But if you’re buying them a gift for now, and don’t expect them to be handing it down to their children, then you’ll probably want to spend less. You’ll also be more drawn to brands and styles that are in fashion now. And technology that’s of the moment. Longevity matters less than bragging rights with their friends!

Find the right watch for YOUR teenager

Every person is unique, and teenagers are no different. So when buying a watch, consider the occasion and your budget, but most of all think about what YOUR teenager will love.

And if you really get stuck, ask the people who know them best (after you) – their friends. They’ll know what your teen will love and will help you give them a watch they can’t wait to show off.

Which watch I chose for MY teenage son – a Nordgreen Native

When it came time for my own teenage son’s birthday, I was faced with the usual dilemma – what can I get him that he’ll like but that isn’t just money? I decided that I wanted to gift him a watch, and checked out the Nordgreen website as I liked their Scandinavian design.

Their styles were the perfect balance of modern and classic for me, and I chose a model that I thought that my son would like now – and that would last him for a few years. That was the Native model with a navy dial. The watch arrived beautifully packaged in a substantial box that made it feel like a special gift.

And the watch itself was beautiful. It was weighty enough that it felt high quality, and the experience of receiving it and seeing it for the first time more than surpassed my expectations.

My son loved the gift. He was delighted when he unwrapped it, and wore it straight away. I have no doubt that he’ll get years of pleasure from it, and was happy that I’d made the right choice… not always easy when buying for a teenager, as any parent of one will know well!

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