How to be stylish

Stylish people… what is it about them? Even with the demand of a full-time job, kids, appointments and responsibilities, some people’s outfits just seem to effortlessly radiate self-assurance.

If you’ve ever wondered how to successfully navigate the realm between head-turning outfits and professionalism, then we’re about to let you in on a little secret: style is a state of mind. Read on to discover the rules for a stylish mindset that translates into effortless dressing and better living.

Go for comfort

Stylish people wear clothes that fit them. This is why they can afford to be so comfortable in their own skin! They know how to dress for their size and shape and make the most of this knowledge to pick outfits that create flattering silhouettes that aren’t pinching and squeezing in the wrong places.

Once you’ve mastered getting dressed in the morning, you can up your basic shape game by adding stylistic flairs and accessories.

Be true to yourself

The thing about stylish people is that their appearance is 100% unabashedly theirs. You can definitely promote an air of professionalism for your day-to-day job without abandoning all facets of your individuality (in favour of a traditional grey trouser suit.)

Ask yourself – what’s your thing? Do you have an addiction to the colour green, a thing for buttons or maybe even a bit of a nostalgia hangover from your latent goth period as a teenager?

Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to reference this individuality a little in your everyday appearance. After all, these are the facets of your personality that make you unique and this should absolutely be celebrated!

Carve your own path

Stylish people are usually ‘early adopters’; that means they are more likely to uptake on a new trend before the mainstream population do and, because of this, they also tend to reap the benefits ahead of everyone else.

When it comes to fashion and wardrobe, try to look a little further than your usual clutch of trusted fashion labels and tried-and-true high street faves. For example, if you we’re treating yourself to a designer watch, instead of beelining towards the obvious big names that spring to mind such as Rolex or Cartier, consider a lesser-known brand such as a Hublot.

You’ll still be getting a luxury and stylish timepiece, while also showing you know a thing or two about quality wristwear without seeming clichéd and flashy.

Spend more, wear less

If you invest in a few key quality pieces, they’ll pay you dividends in return. Owning a few high quality staples over a mountain of cheap high-street bargains is an excellent way to tie all the more ‘fashionable’ or trend-orientated pieces in your wardrobe together.

When buying premium items, make sure they’re built to last (check the stitching and washability/care instructions) and don’t be afraid to try them on at home, and return them if they’re not quite right. Also, try to opt for neutral colours such as greys, creams and soft pinks, as they’ll be a lot less likely to clash with anything else in your wardrobe.

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Photo by Pete Bellis