How to be quiet and make money

There’s a well known Chinese saying that roughly translates to ‘Be quiet and make money’.

I first heard the saying in a Wall Street Journal podcast episode on the Chinese property market (if you haven’t already discovered the Wall Street Journal podcast, I highly recommend listening to it).

The podcast compared the fortunes of two very different property giants – one a loud and boastful new player, and the other a quiet and modest traditional business.

The Wall Street Journal podcast noted that while the young, loud company had been able to become very successful quickly thanks to its brash and risky approach, when the market got tougher it collapsed. 

The more traditional company, meanwhile, had quietly and steadily worked away in the background. And its good business sense meant that when the market turned, it was able to survive. 

Today only one of those companies is still trading. And that is the quiet, steady one. 

I can relate to this in our own journey

When we launched Talented Ladies Club there were a few other businesses that emerged at the same time. Unlike Talented Ladies Club, which was self-funded, they had access to investment, grants and powerful connections, and quickly became much more well known. 

At the time it felt like we were creeping along like a tortoise while being overtaken by hares. But just like the famous story, we’ve left the hares long behind now. 

You see, by taking the slow road, we were forced to learn from our mistakes early on. And we HAD to build a strong, enduring financial model as we had no funds to fall back on. 

The other businesses, meanwhile could afford to fund an expensive and (as it turns out) unprofitable business model for a few years. But as the market got tougher and the money ran out they were unable to continue. Much like the louder, brasher Chinese property company. 

Today, we are the only business from that cohort still running. And we are stronger and more profitable than ever.

We’ve quietly made money

So why am I telling you this?

Like me, you may be worried that things are moving too slowly for you. That you’re too quiet compared to the people who are comfortable sharing everything on social media, and appearing to race ahead thanks to that. 

I want to reassure you that you are doing nothing wrong. Don’t believe everything you see on social media, and don’t think you need to become loud and fast in order to succeed. 

You absolutely don’t need to aspire to ‘seven figures’ in order to be a success. But you CAN quietly progress to a lifestyle you want, with more than enough money to fund it AND put money away for a comfortable future. 

How I can help you make money (quietly) too

And that is exactly what I will teach you to do in the Easy Business Club, starting on Monday. 

The Easy Business Club is a year-long online programme that combines business training with monthly group mentor calls. 

I’ll show you how I slowly and quietly grew Talented Ladies Club into the strong success it is today and guide you to do the same. 

So if, like me, you’re an ambitious introvert who doesn’t want to sell their soul, but you DO want to become more successful and profitable in whatever you do, this is absolutely the programme for you.

You can read more about the Easy Business Club and book your place here. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals – quietly!