How to arrange ornaments on a sideboard

Trying to work out how to make the most of your sideboard? Here’s how to arrange ornaments on it.

A sideboard makes a fantastic addition to your home. Whether you have one in your hallway, your living room or dining space, they provide storage to keep your home clutter-free, and can make a wonderful decorative furniture item too.

The other advantage of a sideboard is that it gives you space to add some of your favourite home accessories. Some carefully selected ornaments can not only show off your personal style, but it can also help to tie your room together, creating a more homely space.


Your sideboard gives you a lot of options for decoration, but where do you start? How can you create the perfect sideboard decor without it looking cluttered and messy? 

We can help you create a sideboard scheme worthy of Instagram with the following tips for how to arrange ornaments on a sideboard.

The rule of three

The rule of three is a useful one to follow when it comes to decorating your sideboard. A classic design technique, grouping three objects together provides a pleasing aesthetic, and avoids you going overboard. You could divide your sideboard into different sections if it’s large, focusing on the rule of three in each.

If, however, you want more than three objects to work with, consider sticking to an odd number such as 5 or 7. This will help you create a theme that will be easy to put together.

Add a colour accent

Most sideboards tend to be a block colour, either in wood or veneer styles. This makes them ideal for decorating, serving as a blank canvas. If you have a white sideboard or even black or grey, adding some colour accents through your ornaments can help tie your sideboard to the rest of your space. 

Colour accents can also work well with neutral wooden styles, ideal for adding some more colour to a room without clashing with the sideboard itself.

Add softer details to contrast bold looks

Contemporary sideboards can have some striking details that make them enough of a feature in their own right. From asymmetric shapes to colour blocks and bold metallic details, there are different styles that can make a big impression. But how can you style these areas subtly without going overboard?

Adding softer details can contrast bold looks, helping to tone them down. Choosing neutral ornaments can also help to keep the focus on the sideboard itself, making that the focus of the eye. Think dried flowers, simple glass ornaments, vases and candles to keep the look soft.

Make it symmetrical

Symmetry can look wonderful on your sideboard, as long as it’s done in a subtle way. Instead of placing your emphasis on matching items either end, find ways you can make different ornaments work to create a balanced look. Choosing colours that complement each other can also add to the symmetry, making your sideboard look effortless.

Accessorise woods with neutrals

Wooden sideboards are among the most versatile sideboard types, alongside white sideboards which also provide you with a neutral starting point.

Keeping things in the neutral family can add a stunning Scandinavian style touch to your decor. Choosing neutral ornaments for a white sideboard or wooden style creates a clean but striking look that will be sure to impress any visitors to your home. 

Add colour through flowers

Flowers make the perfect accessory to your sideboard, and gives you the chance to change up your colour scheme as you wish – ideal if you have a neutral-coloured wall. Flowers can also make your sideboard decor seasonal, with different types of bouquets looking effective at different times of year. If plants are more your thing, focus on adding greenery instead.

If your track record with plants and flowers isn’t great, consider investing in some artificial varieties instead. They look like the real deal but will require little to no maintenance to stay looking their best.

Consider the wall space behind

When it comes to decorating your sideboard, don’t forget about the space behind it. Your sideboard could be placed in front of a large mirror or piece of art, or several smaller frames to create a stylish look.

You’ll need to think about the placement of your ornaments carefully when working with artwork. Make sure the artwork is still visible and doesn’t clash with the ornaments on show. 

Sideboards might be functional, but they can be supremely stylish too. As the perfect way to bring some colour and decor into your home, the ornaments you choose could ass the perfect finishing touch to your sideboard.

With several things to consider and different ways of decorating your sideboard, here’s your chance to get creative and design a unique and attractive space for your home.