How to add Scandinavian style to your home

Love the look of Scandi interiors but don’t know where to start? Here are four steps to adding Scandinavian style to your home.

From the growing trend of hygge to the beautiful simplicity of Scandinavian designs, it’s not hard to see why an increasing number of us are opting for this style in our homes.

Evoking a warm, cosy, and inviting feel in any space, the Scandi look is a must-have for both traditional and contemporary properties.

Four steps to add Scandinavian style to your home

So if you’re thinking of bringing this style to a room in your home, here’s how you can do just that in four easy steps.

1) Choose colours carefully

The colorpalette within Scandinavian-inspired homes tends to centeraround browns, blacks, greys, and whites, with these being interwoven to create a harmonious, calming vibe.

That said, you won’t find lots of colorwithin these types of interiors. Rather, they tend to have a white base that one accent coloris added to, e.g. black.

You don’t need to keep things this basic if you don’t want to, though, as many designers also add a pop of colorto complement the décor, e.g. rich greens or dusty pinks. The one thing to remember is that minimalism is key to achieving a Scandi look, so don’t go overboard with your color.

2) Find fabulous furniture

The minimalism we mentioned above also comes into play when you’re choosing your furniture – and not only in its design.

Scandinavian furniture tends to boast a clean look and color, with natural wooden effects often dominating the space. You’ll find plenty of these types of pieces at places like Cox & Cox, for example.

But you must be careful to select the effects that complement the space perfectly. Picking any wooden piece of furniture is a mistake as there is more to the Scandi style.

To choose the right wood tones for your home, you need to consider the types of timber you would find in Scandinavian homes. Once you have the correct lumber, you can play around with the tones and colours to create a buffer or add a focal point without going over the top.

Rustic designs work equally as well, too. This is due to the character these types of pieces add to the room.

Don’t be afraid to intertwine the two while still being careful not to overcomplicate things. Rustic touches combined with a splash or two of colorwill help create a contemporary, restful look.

3) Light things up

With daylight is scarce in Scandinavia during the winter months, it’s not hard to see why lighting’s a crucial factor in Scandi interior design.

Lighting has to serve multiple purposes as well as adding to the cosy ambiance you’re trying to create. Scandi lighting used often boasts an industrial feel, too.

For this reason, angle-poise table lamps, floor-standing lamps, and metal lampshades all work beautifully in these spaces (as do more natural styles, like the ones above). Working to not only light up the room but add helpful task lighting and mood lighting, they are a functional yet stylish feature.

Opt for mono coloured designs to make sure things are in keeping with the other design touches you’ve added.

4) Get cosy

Finally, to bring this entire scheme together and to make this room feel like home, you need to add some cosy finishing touches.

These can be found in the form of soft cotton, wool, or sheepskin throws and cushions. And they not only work to add some cosiness and warmth but also do wonders for adding yet another layer of design and texture to the room.

Don’t forget to add plenty of cushions, even if your sofa’s already comfortable enough. Cushions and throws provide a welcoming, inviting look that’ll make you and your guests feel right at home.

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