How to add luxury to your bedroom

Love a bedroom you can’t wait to retire to at night? Here’s how to add luxury to your bedroom.

Your bedroom is a big component when it comes to your overall health. From being a place where you go to relax to allowing you to get the sleep you need to function at your optimal ability, everyone should have a bedroom that allows them to feel luxurious.  

Luxury doesn’t have to mean super expensive beds or exotic décor. Luxury can be as simple as something that feels good for you. Take a look at these ways you can add luxury to what could be the most important room in the house: your bedroom. 

Invest in your bed

Your bed is where it’s at. How does your current bed make you feel? If there is one area to add luxury and invest in, it would be your bed. Whether you choose a Layla hybrid mattress or a bed frame from Ikea, choose a bed that feels perfect for you when you go to sleep. Whether you’re a firm mattress sleeper or prefer the soft feel, find the mattress style that is right for you: that’s where luxury matters most. 

Or, keep comfort and luxury in mind when designing or upgrading your ottman beds with storage, as it significantly affects how restful your night’s sleep will be. Investing in a quality bed has many advantages; not only you’ll enjoy comfortable nights spent in a supportive mattress and pillows, but you also get additional storage space underneath for items such as extra bedding and blankets.

Create a theme

A truly luxurious bedroom will have a theme. It will be a space where every element connects. That doesn’t mean that you can’t match boho style décor with quirky designs, because a little contrast can go a long way in making a room feel inviting. If you do mismatch themes, make sure that there’s at least a solid color that pulls them all together. For the most part, a neutral, elegant theme can help make your room feel luxurious. 

Take time on the accessories

Once you have the main items in your bedroom squared away, such as the rug and bed and headboard, it’s time to add the extra elements. Your bed is the main star of the show, but these extra accessories can help to add that touch that makes it the welcoming, luxurious space you want it to be. 

They don’t have to go perfectly well with your bedspread or be the same color as your overall theme. In fact, use your accessories to add a pop of color to bring more style to your bedroom. A professional at interior design from Decorist can help you put it all together. 

Think about your walls

If you’re truly going for an elegant, luxury feel, you’ll want to think about your walls. A painted wall behind your bed can provide depth to a room, allowing for a more intimate and styled vibe in your bedroom. Luxury wallpaper can also be the perfect way to make your bedroom appear expensive, but make sure that the décor and bedding are solid colors, so as not to contrast with your favorite wallpaper pattern. 

Connect the colors on the wallpaper with some accessories, whether with your nightstand or throw pillows, and think about adding some wall fixtures in your bedroom space as well. 

Plan your lighting

You may spend more time in your bedroom at night, but you still want it to be inviting in the daytime. If you have a space with larger windows, you don’t need to go all out with track lighting over the bed or big lamps that light up the space. The sunlight will do that for you.

However, if you want to make your bedroom a place that allows you to feel like you’re going into a luxurious haven at night, lighting can be everything. From lights that hang over your canopy bed to a soft chandelier that hangs from a high ceiling in your bedroom, unique lighting can be the perfect option for adding luxury to your bedroom. 

Make your home feel luxurious

Whether you’re moving homes or changing the interior décor in your current home, there are various ways you can make your home feel luxurious. A great area to decorate in your home would be your bedroom. Make it a place you’ll never want to leave with these top tips. 

Photo by Devon Janse van Rensburg