How to add a splash of colour to your winter wardrobe

Why is that, in winter, the greyest, darkest season of all, we hide away in dull clothes? Find out how to add a much needed splash of cheery colour this year.

Dark clothing has been a runway favourite for as long as anyone can remember, and now that winter is officially upon us, it seems to be the norm everywhere. Even so, though dark colours are easy to pull off, they do little to offset the cold weather, or brighten your outlook on dull days.

If you’re beginning to tire of monochrome, a splash of colour can be the boost your mood and wardrobe need as the months get colder.

For those feeling the beginnings of beige-fatigue, we’ve put together a few tips with a little inspiration from Emma Willis’s latest collection with Next.

Jazz up your working from home wardrobe

Working from home can lead to a decline in our dressing standards at the best of times. As winter hits, the temptation to grab the most practical layer can lead to our clothing becoming drab.

Still, there are ways to brighten up your working from home wardrobe while still maintaining comfort and professionalism. A simple white cotton shirt is a hard to beat office staple, but matching one with a pair of wide legged trousers in a bold colour or print can be a real style game changer – bringing a funky edge to your look while still being work appropriate.

The rise of video calls has led to an increase in online work drinks. For less formal occasions, a coloured suit is the perfect smart-casual option; picking a less conventional material like velvet can make a powerful statement while still being comfortable for lounging around in the house. 

Fight the cold with bold outerwear

Make the most of the sudden drop in temperature by incorporating some colour into your outerwear. High neck jumpers and turtlenecks are absolute essentials this winter; adding a colour-pop knit to an otherwise dark outfit makes for a minimalist contrast that’s ever so chic. 

The Emma Willis Collection with Next features knitwear in a range of autumnal colours – including warm shades like rust red, khaki and forest green which are perfect options for the colder weather. 

Another very trendy way of brightening up your winter layers is by investing in a brightly-coloured coat. Bold colours like red, purple or green are always favourites for those looking to stand out, or go more subtle in pastel shades like pale pink or yellow. 

Complete your look with winter accessories

Winter is an ideal season not just for outerwear, but for accessories. As the weather gets colder, hats, gloves and scarves are already on a lot of our shopping lists – for an effortless, uniform look, tie all your accessories together with one colour, grab a matching handbag and you’re good to go.

Makeup is also a great friend when it comes to tying your look together. Pulling off a flawless style can be as simple as dabbing on some eyeshadow or eyeliner in a colour that compliments your accessories. Even red lipstick with a matching scarf can make all the difference!

Power dress with tonal styling

One sure-fire way to look polished and put together this season is with “tonal styling”, or sporting the same hue from head to toe. While the idea of dressing in block colour might be frightening to some, the look emanates a subtle confidence that the runways this year can’t get enough of.

A rich, earthy colour like khaki is a good choice if you’re considering wearing head-to-toe-colour. Match a ribbed khaki jumper with a pale of trousers in the same colour, then finish off with an elegant khaki revere coat for a look that is effortlessly sophisticated. Be careful when tonal styling that you don’t choose accessories which cause a colour clash.

A splash of colour in your wardrobe this winter can be just the thing to brighten your outlook. For more colourful pieces and working from home staples, visit the Emma Willis Collection available online with Next.