How the Kevin Zhang course is helping new entrepreneurs kickstart their home business

Today, many entrepreneurs are searching for the right business plan that will lead them to success.

Economic shifts have meant that many more people are looking for legitimate work-from-home opportunities and ways to run a successful business online.

The Kevin Zhang course is available to teach students the basic principles behind entrepreneurial success. The course is meant to help inexperienced entrepreneurs make a great showing in the competitive dropshipping market. Dropshipping is a business model that involves running an e-commerce website selling a variety of products.

The key difference between dropshipping and traditional e-commerce is that with dropshipping, new entrepreneurs do not need to handle their own products. Warehousing, packing, and shipping these products is handled by a fulfillment team, generally located in China.

Without the responsibility of physically dealing with the product, dropshipping entrepreneurs have the opportunity to focus completely on sales and marketing, as well as making their products competitive.

Core curriculum

The core of the course consists of 180+ video lessons. These lessons start from the very basics of retail sales online, going over the business principles of supply and demand, profit margins, and strategic pricing. The program is designed so that novice entrepreneurs can immediately benefit from the lessons.

These lessons go over everything a new entrepreneur needs to know about dropshipping and e-commerce in general. They are presented in a simple, step-by-step fashion, enabling busy entrepreneurs to fit them into their daily schedule.

Facebook ad strategy

One of the special features of the course is a focus on Facebook ad strategy. Most B2B and B2C e-commerce sites use Facebook marketing. Facebook is an inexpensive way to begin marketing products, but its algorithms are difficult to master. Fortunately, the course includes information that will help students take control of their Facebook strategy and make sure that they are getting the most out of this advertising opportunity.

Support opportunities

The course offers many valuable opportunities to receive support from experts and peers alike. Each week, there are Zoom calls with Kevin Zhang. These calls cover important information and supplement the video lessons. Students have the opportunity to ask questions and compare notes.

There are also two monthly Zoom calls with successful entrepreneurs. The life lessons learned by these entrepreneurs can be useful to those who are just starting out on their business ownership journey. Access to these highly successful individuals is rare for new entrepreneurs, and students should take advantage of all opportunities to interact with them.

Support is also available through the 4,000 member private Facebook community dedicated to the course. Students are given the opportunity to interact with their peers and ask questions. Shared learning makes this group valuable. Instructors also use this venue to answer questions for their students.

Having peer support is a key to academic success in any field. Being able to compare the information with fellow entrepreneurs can help to open doors and enhance success.

Expert assistance

The course also includes opportunities to receive expert assistance. It can be challenging to set up a remote fulfillment team in another country from scratch, but course participants can use a dedicated fulfillment team. This team also offers English language support, 24/7 support, and enhanced package tracking capabilities.

Another avenue in which expert help is available is in graphic design. Having poor graphics results in an unprofessional store and can drive away business. The course includes access to an expert graphic design team that will provide high-quality work at a reasonable price.

If students’ accounts qualify, they can also receive assistance for advertising from the in-house graphic design shop. These advertisements can be a good template for students to follow when creating their own products.

Account review

When student accounts meet defined criteria, they will be eligible for personal reviews by Kevin Zhang and his team. The team can point out problems with advertising, marketing, product selection, pricing, and other areas where students need to improve their offerings.

How to build an online business

The Kevin Zhang course allows students to learn the basics of dropshipping. Dropshipping is a scalable business plan that can provide an opportunity for significant profits if it is managed well. Combining wisdom learned from the video lessons, personalized support, expert assistance, and account review, students will be able to grow their business and achieve financial freedom.

Especially today, when many jobs have been lost and many people are trying to make ends meet, it is important to know where legitimate work-at-home business opportunities can be found. When new entrepreneurs take the course, they will be set up for future success and will be able to kickstart their home business.